There are many rumors that sexual position can help you bring the highest chance of pregnancy. There is no scientific basis to support it, but according to research, mastering the correct posture and timing is the key to successful conception. Therefore, it can be said that the posture of the sperm closest to the cervix is the best gesture.

What are the best position for conception?

The best posture for a higher chance of pregnancy includes a missionary position (male above) and a posture entering from the back (Doggy style, nickname dog crawl). The two positions are closest to the female cervical position when sperm is ejected, allowing the sperm to enter the uterus more smoothly. The same effect may be achieved by a highly difficult standing style or a female on top, but there has been no further research in this area.

Orgasms Contribute to Conception?

No studies have yet shown that orgasm can help with pregnancy, but one thing is certain: women may be pregnant without having to experience orgasm, while men must have orgasm to be able to ejaculation.

In general, women will have daughters in the upper place and boys in the next place, but these are street discussions, and there is no scientific basis.

Don’t get up in a hurry and lie in bed, so that the sperm can stay in the vagina or in the cervix more easily. Millions of sperm remain in the vagina at one ejaculation, and even when they get up, a considerable amount of sperm remains in the vagina.

In general, couples without contraception are likely to become pregnant within 1 year. The position mentioned above can increase the chance of pregnancy to the highest. If they are still not pregnant for 1 year, they should seek professional medical assistance to improve the problem of infertility.

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