Is there a way to clean intestinal tract?

In modern society, most of the foods we consume daily contain a lot of additives, preservatives and other chemicals, which also leads to the accumulation of toxins in our bodies and the detriment of our health. However, since the 1900s, some natural methods have been used to clean the intestinal tract. This is mainly to clean the wall of the intestine, toxic substances, and thus reduce the rate of occurrence.

Clean the intestine with powdered or liquid supplements

There are many ways to clean the intestines, but for most people, natural and simple home remedies are still the best choice. For example, you can choose oral or enema to clean the intestine, or replace it with nutritional supplements or other products to clean the intestines, and because none of the following are prescription drugs, you can easily purchase them in your local pharmacy, or supermarket.

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Herbal teas

Eat more high-fibre foods

Food rich in insoluble fiber can help our intestines become smooth and accelerate feces through the large intestine and improve intestinal motility. There are many foods that contain high fibre such as berries, pears, apples, fresh vegetables, artichoke, bean bowl, broccoli, wholemeal food, nuts, beans and seeds are all high-fibre foods.

Probiotic products to clean the intestinal tract

Probiotic products contain good bacteria that can help our stomach, in addition to helping digestion, also reduce flatulence and promote intestinal peristalsis. In addition, probiotic products contain a large amount of calcium, which can inhibit the growth of harmful microorganisms on the intestinal wall. Products containing probiotics include: yogurt, miso, German sauerkraut, pickles, etc.

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Plenty of moisture replenishment

Lots of moisture can prevent constipation. Drinking tea, juice and other liquid drinks can helpful, but the best thing is to drink water to promote gastrointestinal motility. 10 cups of water a day can help the body to discharge toxins and waste, maintain good health and retain plenty of moisture. If drinking water is not easy for you, try adding a slice of lemon or lime to the water.

A healthy intestine is the foundation for good health. Eating natural high-fibre ingredients can promote colon function and reduce the risk of cancer or other intestinal diseases. If you have intestinal problems, please try to consult your doctor before trying any of the cleaning methods.

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