Lung Cancer patients can face breathing problems every day, with shortness of breath and breath all at once. These troubles can lead to poor life. Several breathing methods, if combined with the guidance of physicians and sports instructors, can not only help the brain relax, but also improve lung function. For reference, wear comfortable and relaxed before practicing breathing method clothes, settling the mood and creating a completely relaxing situation.

Equal Breathing as known as Sama Vritti Pranayama

Yoga uses this kind of breathing method to help the breath balance, as literally means, it focuses on the same proportion of inhalation and exhalation, so that it can train the focus and control of breathing, and it is not complicated to do it, regardless of whether Practice whenever and wherever, helping to relieve the nervous system, boost attention, and reduce stress to help sleep.


first, after wearing comfortable clothes, sitting position can be lotus traversed legs, remember the waist bar to straight, breathing, if the nose inhale number to 4, the nose exhale also count to 4, which is called equal long breath

Abdominal Breathing Technique

In addition to shortness of breath, patients may experience stress or anxiety when suffering from cancer. This method is designed to reduce heart rate and blood pressure and help maintain calm.


one hand placed on the chest, one hand in the abdomen, back can be light on the back of the chair, then begin to breathe deeply; abdominal breathing method is focused on deep breathing, slowly breathe, feel many gases smoothly into In the body, the gas is also not impatient when exiting, and slowly spit out to achieve better gas exchange.

Progressive Relaxation

The purpose of this breathing method is to allow your body to relax with breathing, hold your breath during the process, and do not cause discomfort or dizziness when you are closed.


find a comfortable posture, it is recommended to sit, gently close your eyes, focus on relaxing each muscle group, each part lasts 2 to 3 seconds, starting from the feet and toes, and then move up to the knee, thigh, waist Keep deep and gentle breathing in the hips, chest, arms, hands, shoulders, neck, chin and eyes.

Guided Visualization

The average person usually because of the stress of life, even after work can not be leisurely, all of a minute thought of the task of work, all kinds of emotions make people forget to “breathe”, tight body, anxiety, headache This method is to help people breathe while thinking about positive energy, putting down negative emotions and reducing anxiety and stress.


before beginning to breathe, want to set a goal or desire dream, then gently close your eyes, slowly inhale, pay attention to shoulder and neck muscles to relax, don’t stiff straight body, at this time, lead the head to beautiful, happy scenario, and positive energy will ease tension, with deep breathing to achieve a relaxing effect.

Alternate Nostril Breathing as known as Nadi Shodhana Pranayama

This method of breathing, literally, takes turns with different sides of the nostrils, promotes smooth breath, calms the mood, helps focus the mind, and balances the nervous system. However, if a cold nasal congestion, the Avoid using.


before the start, the right thumb and index finger respectively on the right and left nostril, then with the index finger pressed the left nostril, with the right nostril deep inhale, and then with the thumb pressed the right nostril, loosen the index finger will gas After exhaling and circulating this part of the movement, it also helps to breathe smoothly and to achieve a soothing effect.