Baby’s skin is sensitive and requires extra care against any skin problems such as skin inflammation or irritation, being too dry, having broken skin and being infected rash.
Here are 5 ways to keep your baby’s skin healthy and supple.

Pay Special Attention When Taking a Bath

5 Ways to Care for Your Toddler and Newborn Baby's Skin
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  • It is not necessary to use foaming cleaning products to bathe your baby’s body and face, having very mild soap with soft foam sponge is more than enough.
  • Use a mild liquid cleanser without harful soap ingredients, aroma and dyes so that your baby’s skin will not be too dry or cause irritation to the eyes.
  • Avoid using lumpy soaps and bubble baths.
  • Remember to support your baby’s head during the bath.
  • Check the water temperature at all times, so as not prevent burns.
  • Do not leave your baby alone when bathing, doing so could lead to unwanted accidents.

Avoid and Protect Your Baby From Sun Exposure

If your baby is under 6 months of age, you should avoid direct sunlight as much as possible, especially during the hottest days of 10am to 4pm. If your child is 6 months old and you want to go out during the day, remember the following:

  • Cover your baby’s skin with a hat or long-sleeved overalls.
  • Wear UV sunglasses made for babies.
  • Make sure to apply sunscreen on areas that are not covered by clothing, such as face or hand.
  • Remember to reapply sunscreen every two hours after your child sweats, but do not let the sunscreen touch your child’s eyes.

Wash Baby’s Clothes Carefully and Thoroughly

Wash Baby's Clothes Carefully and Thoroughly
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To prevent allergies or rashes, select the laundry detergent which are safe for babies, free of fragrance and dyes. Remember to wash your baby’s clothing, quilts, and blankets often, and wash them separately from the rest of your home.

Keeping Your Baby’s Skin Moisturized

Your skin needs moisture, so don’t forget your baby’s skin needs it too.When choosing a moisturizing lotion, you should choose a product with no added fragrance, as the average adult lotion may irritate the sensitive skin of the baby. Apply lotion immediately after bathing to keep your baby’s skin soft and moisturized. Apply twice a day, but apply more if your baby’s skin is dry, or if the weather is too cold and dry.

Sensitive Symptoms

The skin covered in the diaper area is often wet and moist so allergic reactions may occur. Here are some ways to soothe the symptoms of allergies:

  • Changing diapers more frequently.
  • Use a wet towel or a non-alcoholic, non-scented washcloth to clean the allergic areas.
  • Keep your baby’s skin in contact with the air.
  • Apply ointment or lotion such as Vaseline before changing a new diaper.

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