Breast Cancer has a higher prevalence rate for women than men, so you should maintain a healthy diet and habits to reduce your risk of getting it. However, life is uncertain, if you have accidental breast cancer, you still have to be brave, and the company of relatives and friends is particularly important. Breast cancer patients must undergo a long and hard process of the treatment. With the help of family and friends, the patient can stay up to the end. But many friends and family want to help patients without knowing where to start, so we share some simple tips to help them better.

What happens after breast cancer?

Breast cancer is a common cancer in women. It occurs because of the uncontrolled growth of breast cells. If the cancer spreads to other parts of the body, other parts will also be affected. After testing, patients are recommended for treatment, such as surgery, radiotherapy, pharmacotherapy, or chemotherapy. The course can be long and side effects such as tiredness, nausea, vomiting, skin changes, hair loss or loss of appetite may occur. Therefore, the patient will be treated with more care.

3 Tips for Family, Friends and Patients

Communication between family and friends is very important. If you can talk more to the patient, you can reduce the patient’s stress and support the patient against the disease. Here are three communication tips, please refer to and apply:

Schedule time to talk

It’s not easy to find a patient and a friend to have free time. Perhaps the patient needs a lot of treatments, while relatives and friends are busy with their daily work, but even so, they can still work hard to match the patient’s time, squeeze out some time and talk for a day.

Easy Topics

Patients need to keep calm. Therefore, talk to the patient about easy topics, such as hobbies, idols or family chores, do not let the other person feel stress and worry. Also, pay attention to the patient’s eye or limb movements, it usually shows the patients true emotion.

Listen to the patient

If you have cancer, you may feel lonely, helpless, or even grievous. So listen to the patient’s voice and let the patient pour their emotion and relieve the negative energy. In fact, maybe the patient just wants to talk to someone, so it doesn’t matter if family or friends have to say a lot.

Breast cancer recovery, with love

Breast cancer treatment, like any other cancer, is complex and takes a long time to complete. Patients may need several treatments, each of which takes days, weeks, or even months, and even if it is successfully treated, there can be some sequelae that can affect future days. Therefore, after treatment of breast cancer, patients must continue to have a good diet and consult a doctor regularly to check for differences or signs of a relapse. If breast cancer recurses, they may need to a time-consuming course of treatment, it affects not only the patient who has cancer, but also the family and friends around you. As family and friends, you can give emotional support to help patients walk through the pain and make patients more relaxed to fight breast cancer.


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