Regardless of your health, diet is always very important. After Breast cancer treatment, a healthy diet can help you regain strength, feel good and get you back to normal life faster. Let’s take a look at the what a healthy diet plan should have.

A healthy diet

We all know the importance of a healthy diet, but we often overlook it. We can be too tired, not having time to prepare a healthy meal, or we’re not good at cooking at all. A healthy diet usually contains a variety of vegetables, but for some, vegetables are not delicious at all and they want to avoid it. Relatively speaking, fast food is delicious and convenient, and fried chicken and fries are among the favorites of many. Therefore, it is helpful to prepare healthy meals in the following ways.

Meal Prep

You should store ready-made or semi-ready-made food, such as cooked food, so you can eat anytime. Of course, you can also freeze the cooked food so that when you’re hungry, it’s convenient to eat it when it’s heated.

meal prep
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You should store healthy food in a refrigerator, food cabinet or freezer. If you are sick, you can eat it immediately. Do not stock up fast food, sugary drinks or instant noodles.
Ask your dietitian to plan a healthy diet, and ask your family or friends to prepare your meal. Everyone has a need for help, don’t be afraid to speak up. Ask your medical service provider for advice

You may not know what foods are good for your body. In this case, ask your doctor or nurse who may not be experts in the field, but can recommend your professional nutritionist or nutritionist to help you plan a healthy diet plan, and they can help you choose healthy food, beverage and meal planning.


In some cases, breast cancer treatment weakens the body’s immune system and makes you more vulnerable to infection. Therefore, the following are the precautions for eating after breast cancer:

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After meals, store meals in the refrigerator to slow down the rate of food corruption. Some of the food, what should be lost is lost. In addition, the appropriate amount of food should be calculated to ensure that you can finish.
Before eating fruits and vegetables, especially those with hard skin (grapefruit or oranges, etc.), rinse them first. If you are unsure whether the peel is edible, peel it before eating. You may not be able to clean some fruits. If you are unsure of their origin, do not eat them.

Wash hands, knives and related utensils before preparing food.
Different cutting boards and knives should be used when handling raw meat, vegetables and cooked food.

Fish meat should be stored in the refrigerator and should not stay at room temperature for too long.

When cooking, please note that meat should be cooked, avoid half-cooked steaks and egg yolks should not be too raw to flow out. The above food may be your favorite, but it is not safe to consume because it is not completely sterilized.
Do not eat raw oysters and sashimi sushi.
Do not eat outdated foods.
Do not eat moldy food, otherwise your immune system will be damaged.

Special Dietary and Nutritional Supplements

Some breast cancer patients believe that special diets and nutrients can fight cancer or avoid recurrence, but there is still insufficient evidence to prove the efficacy of special diets and nutrients. Besides, they can even affect the treatment. If you are considering special diets, vitamins, supplements, you should discuss with your doctor first, who can provide you with the correct and useful advice.

After breast cancer treatment, there may be some side effects. Consider eating healthy. If food is eaten well, then life will be better. If you don’t cook, ask friends and family for help.

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