Can people with asthma still have sex?

Sexuality is an important part of life, however, Asthma patients may have to wonder whether their health or symptoms will screw up a good sex life, if the patient has the idea of that. Then hurry down and this article will find the answer for you.

Potential state of asthma during sexual intercourse

Asthma patients, whose respiratory tract is narrow and swollen, make it difficult for them to breathe normally. When suffering from asthma, there may be wheezing, coughing, chest tightness or shortness of breath. When you are engaging in a sexual intercourse, the patient may make a loud wheezing noise as they may have difficulty to breathe, or feel that the air cannot be drained out of the lungs. If so, patients have to stop having intercourse and take medications immediately.

In addition, the patient may have difficulty in helping the other half because of breathing problems. Some may even have allergies to latex condoms and semen. In addition, patients and partners may suffer from emotional problems. Patients may feel embarrassed, discomfort, stress, or feel like a burden on their partner. They may even feel that their partner no longer loves them, while the partner might feel helpless, thinking that they can’t help their loved ones. These situations can create emotional worries.

Confess Asthma Facts with a Partner

Whenever you start to date a new partner, tell them that you have asthma, because they need to be prepared to help the you in the first place, incase of any sudden attacks.

When necessary, asthma inhalers will be more secure.
The partner should know where the inhaler is placed and know when to go to a doctor.
A partner can help avoid asthma inducible factors and take care of the patient.
If the patient is unable to go out or engage in sexual intercourse due to asthma symptoms, the partner should be able to understand this.

5 Suggestions for Asthma Patients to Enjoy Sex

Even as an asthma patient, you can still enjoy sex. Here are a few tips:

Your partner understands your asthma condition

Imagine facing a sudden asthma attack during sexual intercourse. As mentioned above, in addition to informing your partner of the fact that you suffer from asthma, it should also be reminded of where asthma inhalers are placed and how to use them.

Don’t be embarrassed

Asthma patients do not need to be embarrassed due to their state of health.

Consult a professional physician

If there are difficulties in life, seek help from a physician or psychologist, open your heart and discuss with them how to engage in sex, partner business.

Note the symptoms and triggers of asthma

Alcohol, odor, or latex can cause asthma. If the patient starts to wheep, cough, or shortness of breath during sexual intercourse, it may be due to a lack of control of asthma. Take a note of these conditions and discuss them with your physician and partner, and learn how to control them.

Follow your doctor’s advice

To reduce the risk of asthma attacks, use medication as directed by your doctor, confirm inhalants, adhere to your treatment plan, and return regularly.

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