Baby Week 07: It’s only been a week, but your baby already knows you’re on his or her side.At this point, your baby can recognise your voice and hear familiar parents’ voices, let your baby know they’re not alone and help them adapt to a strange new world outside the womb.As much as you can talk to your baby, your love can be clearly and loudly conveyed to their ears, although they can’t understand the meaning of the language yet.

During Week 07, Your Baby may:

  • Lay down and look up at 45 degrees.
  • In addition to crying, your baby might make other sounds, such as murmuring.
  • Be able to respond with a smile when you see a smile at him/her.

How to take care of your baby? – Baby Week 7

During the week, the baby might wake up for a long time during the day. You can use this time to sing some lullaby or play music to help your baby’s senses develop. Even if you can’t understand the content, your baby will still respond to your song. You don’t have to sing children’s songs, but you can try other genres, such as pop or classical, to test what kind of music your baby likes. You can learn from your baby’s reaction that your baby will dance and wave  hands and feet happily for their favorite music.

At this stage, your baby can recognize your voice, and hear familiar sounds which can help your baby adapt to the new world outside the womb, knowing that he is not alone. So, talk to your baby as much as you can, even if you don’t understand, he or she can still feel your love and know you’re near them.

Health information for your baby – Baby Week 07

Your doctor will make a checklist based on your baby’s health. However, if you take your baby to a doctor this week, remember to ask the following:

  • Guidance on feeding, sleep, development, etc., and relevant baby safety advice.
  • What are the reactions of my baby after vaccination?


The Needs and Development of Your Baby – Week 7

You should know the following:

Infant acne

Although it sounds strange, acne can also occur in children under 1 year old. Acne in newborns affects about 40% of babies, most of them starting 2 to 3 weeks after birth and continuing until 4 to 6 months old. No one can clearly knows the cause of acne in newborns, which is said to be caused by hormonal effects. Female hormones stimulate baby’s sweat glands and cause acne on the skin.

Another reason is that the pores of newborns are not fully developed, making them susceptible to dirt. Just wash their face 2 to 3 times a day, pat until dry, do not squeeze it, acnes will be eliminated within a few months, leaving no scars. If you have any questions about your baby’s skin care, ask your doctor.

Change in skin colour

It’s terrible to watch your baby change color in front of your eyes. Due to the baby’s circulatory system, which is not yet mature, blood accumulates in the half of the body. At this point, the skin tone changes temporarily and then returns to normal. As time passes, the symptoms also disappear.

The safety of your baby

Be sure to follow the following safety tips:

  • Never leave your baby alone on an unsuperseded diaper table, bed, chair or couch for a second.
  • If there is no seat belt on the diaper table, release one hand on your baby.
  • Never leave your baby alone with your pet.
  • Never leave your baby alone in the hands of under 5 years old.
    Do not let anyone under the age of 14, known or unknown, act as a babysitter to take care of your baby.
  • Don’t shake or throw your baby into the air, even if you’re playing with your baby.
  • Never leave your baby alone, even if you just go out at once.
  • Don’t leave your baby while shopping, walking or in the playground.
  • Avoid using any rope or chain on your baby, or giving your baby related toys.
  • Do not place the plastic sheet on the mattress, or where your baby can reach.
  • Do not leave your baby in an unsupervised window, not even for a second.

Reminder for novice parents

You may be concerned about the following:

Wrapping Babies

You might want to know how to wrap your baby with a towel. Wrap Swaddling is a thin blanket that securely envelops baby. Many babies feel comfortable in the towel and sleep better and soothes some of the colic baby. On the other hand, some babies do not need a towel to feel satisfied or are not affected by the towel at all.

You can choose the appropriate towel depending on your baby’s situation. If the baby’s activity increases, will make a clearer move, try to kick the bondage, then there is no need for the bandage, all the baby will eventually say goodbye to the bandage. If this happens, the towel becomes less safe because the blanket kicked off may accidentally cover the neck or face, causing the baby to suffocate. Wrappers will limit baby activity and should not be used if the baby starts to become active.

Take your baby out

When you’re taking your baby out, remember to dress appropriately to avoid the effects of extreme weather. If the weather gets cool, remember to bring an extra dress.If the weather is cold, hot or humid, limit your time to go out and keep your baby out forvtoo long. Avoid direct sunlight even in mild weather, and most importantly, use the baby seat properly when you drive out.

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