Baby Week 15:  Babies have begun to draw conclusions about the world around them, and are curious about everything. They might even feel curious about their reflection. When you wake up, you can put a solid mirror next to your baby, or in front of your own mirror, which your baby won’t realize is actually an image in the mirror (usually not until the age of two), baby likes to look at the reflection and may laugh at the mirror.

During week 15, your baby may do the following:

  • Able to hold their head up in a stable manner.
  • Hold or lift up their shoulders
  • Rollover (one-way).
  • Hand grab items.
  • Focus on small things such as raisins (be careful not to keep these things within reach of your child)
  • Start making judgments about  surroundings and be curious about everything, including themselves.

How to take care of your baby 4 month old baby – Baby Week 15

Your baby may stop sucking fingers or bottles when he or she hears your voice. You should describe everything that you’re doing as it will not only connects your baby with you, but also helps your baby practice expression. You can look at the baby for signs of response.

Keep your baby at the side when you’re with friends so your baby can listen to conversations and learn about interpersonal interactions. Babies love watching other kids play, larger babies learn to walk, or watch what their pets are doing. At this point, you need to be aware of your baby’s movement, because your baby won’t pay attention to their own safety yet. In fact, as long as the items are within reach, the baby will play, and they are able to grab things, so give him something to grasp such as a toy, which may be plastic or rubber bands. You can also give some will sound-producing toys, or plush dolls, in short, you should give the baby the right and safe toy.

Your baby will only use one hand at a time, and then change hands, at this time you can not know whether your baby is left-handed or right-handed, and further confirm it within the age of 2 when they start writing.

Health information for your 4 month old baby – Baby Week 15

Most doctors will not arrange a return visit or regular check-up this month. If you have any questions and can’t wait for your next visit, you can call your doctor.

The needs and development of your baby

You should be aware of the following:

Oral thrush

Thrush is a fungal infection in the mouth caused by Candida albicans yeast. If you feel that there are white spots on your baby’s cheeks, tongue and lips that look like vomiting stains, this may be a sign of thrush.

Yeast prefers to grow in damp and warm places, the baby’s mouth is the ideal environment. If you are feeding your baby, your nipples may be infected by sucking, and if infected, the nipples may feel dry and painful while feeding. If you feel particularly tight or less resistant, and are more susceptible to infection, yeast will move along the digestive tract, causing a rash or vaginal infection through the anus.

If this happens, ask a doctor to prescribe anti-fungal prescription for you and your baby. If you’re still feeding, you need to treat your baby together to avoid mutual infection. The treatment will take several weeks to take effect. During treatment, wash hands more frequently, disinfect toys and nipples with boiling water and apply anti-fungal ointment (clotrimazole) to the nipples, or use anti-inflammatory drugs simultaneously. Some babies with thrush may be irritable and do not want to eat because their painful cheeks and gums.

Penis swelling

You may be worried if you see your baby’s penis swollen, but in fact, your baby might simply have diaper rash. Diaper rash is common and can sometimes cause swelling of the baby’s penis, resulting in difficulty in urinating. Treat your baby’s diaper rash and let your baby soak in warm water if your baby is having difficult to urinate. If using cloth diapers, discard diapers instead. If your baby’s diaper rash does not disappear after two or three days of treatment at home, or if you have severe urination difficulties, you must call your doctor.

Spasm Action

Even if the baby has left the uterus for some time, the nervous system is still not mature, and their brain can not handle everything completely, so poor coordination ability is normal as their motor function is still developing. However, babies can quickly control their movements and can be done more purposefully and skillfully. If you still have concerns, ask your doctor for your next visit.

Reminder for parents

You may pay particular attention to the following:

  • Night-time feeding allows your baby to get enough nutrition, even if some parents feed their baby, no need to drink their mother’s milk after 3 months (some even earlier).

Most mothers still maintain the habit of feeding, especially breast-feeding. However, feeding 3 to 4 times a night is unnecessary, you can slowly reduce the number of breastfeeding so you can get more rest and sleep. This can also help your baby sleep well, here are some of the things you can try.

  • Let your baby drink a little more milk at a time
  • Nurse your baby before she cries for milk.
  • Make sure your baby drink enough milk during the day
  • Increase the interval between breastfeeding
  • Feeding less when you want to reduce the amount of your baby’s intake
  • Feeding more when you want to increase the intake of your baby
  • Do not wear diapers at night unless necessary
  • Consider the separation of rooms.If you’re currently sharing a room or bed with your baby and don’t want to continue, this is the time to split a room.

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