Baby Week 22: The first emotion your baby may begin to show is fear of strangers. If you’re surrounded by strangers, your baby will lean on you, and if a stranger suddenly touches your baby, your baby may cry. It’s beneficial to have more contact with your other half or your family. Keep in mind that you need to give your baby enough patience and understanding to take this step.

Milestone 5 Month Old: During week 22, baby can do the following:

  • Roll in one direction.
  • Speak the vowel and condescension combination
  • Squirting water while laughing
  • The face will be in the direction of the sound

How to take care of your 5 month old baby? – Week 22

Use more time to dine with your family and communicate with your baby, baby loves watching you eat and eats more as a result. Over the next few months, the baby can easily sit up and grab food by hand, which represents the baby’s ability to eat, which will continuously go further.

Currently, the baby can sit up from the recline position and wave two small hands. If your baby is already sitting, you should help by putting a cushion to avoid falling. Your baby may acquire this skill while learning to sit, but may lose interest in sitting straight or rolling.

Don’t be embarrassed when you are with someone you don’t know, if your baby gives someone a hug, don’t feel ashamed or embarrassed, just keep your baby close to you and hold him to pacify, tell your friends and family, take your baby gently and slowly.

Health information for your 5 month old baby – Week 22

Most physicians will not schedule a checkup this month, and on the good side, this means that there should be no big problem. On the bad side, however, you don’t know how your baby grows.We recommend that you prepare your questions first, ask your doctor when you return next month. If you are in a hurry, call your doctor immediately.

The needs and development of your 5 month old baby – Week 22

You should be aware of the following:


The frequency of your baby’s bowels depends on time, what they eat, how much activity, and how fast your baby’s digestion is. The stool remains in your baby’s gut, or if your baby tries to stool, it can cause constipation. If you notice the following symptoms, your baby may have constipation.

  • Baby’s stool is dry and hard, with blood.
  • The last time your baby bowel was 3 days or more ago.
  • Baby looks uncomfortable when bowling.
  • If your baby only drinks mother’s milk, the chance of constipation is very low.Talk to your doctor if your baby’s stool is hard, dry, or has abdominal pain.
  • If accompanied by other symptoms, such as nausea, swelling of the abdomen, your baby may have other more serious problems, such as Bowel obstruction.

Constipation may occur if the baby only drink milk powder, as some brands of milk powder are not suitable for the baby. Ask your doctor what brand to replace your baby.

If you feed your baby rice cereal, this may be the culprit of constipation.Rice is less in fiber, you can add a little pear puree, plum puree, vegetable puree, or you can add some oatmeal or barley cereals.

Lack of water can also cause constipation, so you should let your baby drink plenty of water to relieve constipation.If your baby is still weaning, try getting your baby to drink plum juice or pear juice. You can also put 30 ml of diluted juice into 30 ml of water.

In addition to changing your baby’s diet, here are some tips to help your baby become healthier:

  • While the baby is lying down, clinging to the baby’s feet and gently pedaling.
  • Gently massage under the navel. If you feel your baby’s tummy is hard, press that position a little longer.
  • If you find that your baby’s muscle feels tight , let your baby soak in warm water to relax your muscles.

  • You can use Glycerin anal suppository or anal thermometer to use lubricant to stimulate the rectum as a temporary solution.
  • If constipation does not improve, your doctor may advise your baby to take a laxative.
  • Baby coughing

    Since week 5, a lot of babies realize that the world is a big stage, and you’re her/his biggest fan. So when they do a little cough, they will get your attention immediately, and your baby will often use this way to attract your attention. As long as the baby is healthy and the cough sounds fake, you don’t have to care too much. The day the baby gets bored, he or she will automatically give up.

    Reminder for parents

    You may be interested in the following:

    Baby’s diet

    • The baby’s diet should contain the following ingredients:
    • Water
    • Protein
    • A variety of fruits and vegetables
    • High-fat foods
    • Iron-containing food
    • Salted food
    • Calcium-containing foods
    • Food containing vitamin C
    • Seeds containing pure starch and complex carbohydrates
    • Leafy vegetables, fruits, yellow fruits
    • Health Food & Vitamin Supplements

    Taking a nap

    Even if your baby is 5 months old, you still need 3 to 4 hours of sleep a day, some babies sleep for 20 minutes at a time, some sleep twice, but each time 1.5 to 3 hours. Anyway, the number and length of the baby’s sleep does not matter, the average time of 5 months is 14 hours 30 minutes a day to sleep.The longer your baby sleeps, the more free time you have.

    Moreover, children who sleep frequently during the day will sleep at night.You can try the following ways to keep your baby sleeping longer:

    • Give your baby a comfortable sleeping space, and if your baby is lying on your shoulders, not only will it be hard for you, but your baby will not be able to sleep.
    • Keep room temperature cool, don’t make it too hot or cold, make sure your child is properly dressed.
    • Sleep on time.Don’t let your baby sleep with an empty stomach, and don’t let your child fall asleep when changing diapers, as the diapers are wet. Not when there is a guest or noise, as it can make it difficult for your baby to stay asleep.
    • Although many children can adjust their own sleep, they will sleep a little longer if they are not full, but if your baby appears irritable, it may be a lack of sleep. If your baby doesn’t sleep much, but it’s both mentally and emotionally good, you should accept the fact that your baby doesn’t need a lot of sleep.If you have any questions, please contact your doctor.

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