Baby Week 23: Babies’ ability to see and track small things moving is getting better. At this point, babies will be able to identify only part of it, such as if the item is hidden under a blanket, or their favorite toy car is stucked.That’s the basis for the coming months to start playing hide and seek.

You may also notice that if you take the bricks on the desk close to the baby, he will reach out and get one, and soon continue to grab the next.

At week 23, your 5 month old baby can do the following:

  • Requires less help and assistance
  • Discover small things and track its movement.
  • When you see a part, you can identify what it is.
  • Grabs things in reach

How to take care of your 5 month old baby – Week 23

During week 23, babies begin to identify colors, get fascinated by colorful picture books, or play colorful blocks to help baby understand colors.

Health information for your 5 month old baby – Week 23

Most doctors will not arrange a health check for your baby this week. On the positive side, that means that there should be no complications with your baby. If you have any concerns, you can prepare a few questions and ask your doctor when you return next month. If you have any immediate problems, don’t be afraid to call your doctor directly.

The needs and development of your baby – Week 23

You should be aware of the following:

Understanding Growth Graph of 5 month old / 23 Week

Your doctor will measure your baby’s height, weight and head circumference. Based on previous records, you will find out how your baby has grown. If some parts of the measurements are not up to standard, this means that your baby may have an  unhealthy condition that affects nutrient absorption. The physician will use a growth curve percentile map to compare your baby’s development with other children of the same age.

If your baby doesn’t reach the ideal height and weight, don’t worry too much, each baby has its own growth rate. Some babies grow slowly during this time, but then suddenly gain  weight quickly, some start quickly, and then slow down.The growth rate is related to the body mass index (BMI), genetic heredity, and baby’s health can be affected by various factors, such as environment, personality, degree of activity, etc.If you have any concerns, consult a doctor.

Pulling of the ears

Fingers, toes and ears are parts of the body that can cause curiosity to your baby.At this point, the baby begins to explore. If they look uncomfortable or have a fever, your baby may be some infection or a tooth growing. If an abnormality occurs, please inform your doctor.


Babies may suffer from eczema, a common skin disease that causes itchy and rough skin.
The following information is important to improve your baby’s eczema:

  • Nail clipping

The shorter your baby’s nails are better to avoid scratching.

  • Reduce the bath time

Prolonged exposure to soap and water will dry the skin, so please limit the bath time to 10 to 15 minutes, and use mild soap that does not hurt the skin. Do not let baby soak in soapy water. Remember to wipe dry and apply moisturizer afterwards.

  • Apply Lotion

Apply plenty of lotion to keep baby’s skin moist without irritation.However, you should not use oils or creams like Vaseline.

  • Adjust the environment

Too hot, too cold or too dry air can worsen eczema. Therefore, in bad weather, you should reduce your baby’s outdoor activities, keep the house at a proper temperature, and use a humidifier to keep the air moist.

  • Wear cotton clothing

Sweating can make eczema more severe, so you shouldn’t let your baby wear synthetic or wool clothes, let alone too many pieces at once.

  • Diet adjustment

Remove any foods from the baby’s diet that can cause irritation or make eczema more severe under your supervision.

Reminder for novice parents – 5 Month Old Baby at Week 23

Here are some things you might be paying particular attention to:

When feeding your baby to eat, it is impossible to keep clean.You may think that having your baby sit on your knees is the best way to feed, but this can also cause a mess and not the most efficient way.

It’s best to find a seat with drawstring, and you have to keep an eye on your baby from time to time. However, even with support and drawstring, your baby may fall. Babies of this age can’t sit well and sometimes need help.Once your baby is able to sit down, you can switch to a high chair.

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