Baby Week 28: Babies at this age love a variety of stuffed toys, and everything can become a baby’s first love. Dolls are seen as a sign of your baby’s progress towards independence. In other words, children learn to separate from you and become more independent. When adding new members to your baby’s toy family, you should choose a soft and carefully sewn doll.

Baby may also start wanting to play with balls, so be careful not to buy balls that are too small to avoid babies from stuffing it in their mouth, leading to suffocation.Your baby may also turn off the power of a large doll. If you don’t know if your baby likes a particular toy, one way is to take it away, if your baby insists on retaking it, it may be your baby’s favorite toy.

During week 28, baby can do the following:

  • Moan and crawl away.
  • Stand up from a sitting position.
  • Sit up from climbing posture.
  • Pick up small things with  thumb or other fingers, so remember to keep dangerous items out of your baby’s reach.
  • Say “Moma” or “Dada”.

How to take care of your 6 month old baby? Week 28

Your baby now has legs that can withstand the weight of the body and loves to dance with music, which strengthens muscles and helps to develop subsequent movements.Lower your baby’s arms and elbows to help your baby stand on the floor or on your thighs.

You may need to lift your baby up from the thigh or the floor to help your baby move.You can put the toy in a place that is not easily reachable, but visible, so that the baby can try to get it, giving the baby the opportunity to develop limb movements. If your baby is frustrated because they can’t get the toy that they want, encourage them to try more. Babies will shed frustration by crying, and if they do, they will quickly increase self-motivation.

After a few attempts, your baby will be able to lean forward and hold the toy back to its original position. Soon, your baby will learn to crawl (the belly moves down) and even roll around in the room.You can help your baby wear loose and comfortable clothes so that the clothings doesn’t get in the way.

Health information for your 6 month old baby – Week 28

Depending on the condition of the baby, the doctor will perform a general physical examination. Diagnostic tools and procedures will be subjected to the situation. Physicians and nurses will perform the following examinations:

  • Measurement of the concentration of Hemoglobin concentration and Hematocrit to determine whether anemia is present.
  •  Fingers are often punctured, especially for newborn babies.
  • Discussion and suggestions about baby’s eating, drinking and sleeping conditions, development and safety guidelines for next month.

The needs and development of your half year old baby – Week 28

You should know the following:

Baby’s Vegetarian Menu

Babies get all the vitamins, minerals and proteins from a balanced vegetarian menu. 6 month old babies can get most of the nutrients from mother’s milk, formula, weaning foods such as cereals, purees, juices and vegetables.

A balanced diet is important for children. Babies needs protein to develop and improve their body’s ability to recover. If you don’t have meat in your diet, you should look for alternatives. If you want to keep your baby vegetarian, be aware that vegetarians are often especially deficient in iron, so make sure you have iron rich foods such as whole grains and green vegetables. Plus, you should get enough vitamin B12, vitamin B2, vitamin D, calcium and zinc in your daily diet.

Baby weaning food that replaces chicken and pork, including cheese, yogurt, tofu, beans (cooked and mashed), whole grains (bread, pasta, rice and oats).

Salt in the diet

Babies need salt just as much as we do, but not as much as we do. In fact, the baby’s kidneys can not  handle a lot of salt yet, which is why they need mother’s milk: a drink with a very low sodium content.A large amount of salt in the diet will allow the child to develop a lifelong habit of eating salty.

Do not think that giving your baby unseasoned food will make your baby uninterested in the food. Give your baby’s taste buds a chance, he will find the food without salt delicious, this will also help the baby develop a good diet.

To prevent your baby from being accustomed to eating too much salt while reducing your family’s salt intake, you should look at the nutrition markings on the package. Bread, breakfast cereals, cakes and biscuits, which may contain large amounts of Sodium, make sure to choose products with less than 50 mg of sodium per serving when buying food for your baby.

Grain Supplements

When the baby is 6 months, more iron needs to be added.Fortunately, the grains that you eat often do not only make children thrive, but also replenish iron.Consult your doctor on how to add iron to your baby.

Try feeding your baby oats, barley or other cereals, and maybe your baby will love that taste.You can mix a small amount of cereals with your baby’s favorite fruit.

Reminder for novice parents

You may be interested in the following:
Help baby find the right shoes

At this stage, the baby should hit barefoot. However, there’s nothing wrong with wearing beautiful shoes for your baby on special occasions. Baby’s current foot is not suitable for walking, so shoes are not a necessity. Baby shoes should be made of lightweight and breathable material (leather or fabric, but never plastic) with a soft sole that can touch baby’s toes from the outside.

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