Baby Week 41: Your baby is beginning to understand simple words and sentences, so it is more important to keep talking with him. Try to correct his pronunciation and develop a good dialogue pattern in adult language. While it feels silly to talk to your baby at this time, keeping a conversation with your baby is the best way to encourage your baby to talk and learn.

During the first week of month 10, your 41 week old baby should be able to do the following:

  • Stand up while holding someone or something
  • Able to stand from a sitting position.
  • Resist having their toy taken away
  • Continuously mumble mom or dad
  • Play peek-a-boo
  • Turn back and forth to you.
Baby Week 41 - Standing Up With Support of Objects
Photo by Ny Aina Dedem Ranaivoarilala from Pexels

How to take care of your 10 month old baby – Week 41

Talking with your baby is the best way to help them develop their language. Try to answer the name of the item they’re pointing or you’re holding so they can increase their word bank. You can play a game with your baby to describe what you’re doing.When you get your baby in the stroller, you can say, “Come on, take your blue stroller and we’ll make you sit comfortably. Let’s go to the park!” You can also sing rhymes while singing the songs and playing the action, so your baby can learn the keywords within the songs.

Health information for your 10 month old baby – Week 41

Most pediatricians won’t schedule a routine checkup this month. If you observe something wrong with your baby, you don’t have to wait until the next month, you can contact your doctor immediately.

Needs and development of your 10 month old baby – Week 41

Please note if your baby has sleep apnea during this period. Symptoms may be caused by an object that obstructs the upper respiratory tract, causing respiratory problems, swelling adenoids, tonsils, frequent illnesses, allergies, cleft lips and palate, or neuroplasia, etc.

During sleep, babies with sleep apnea will breathe with gasp, or cough, often feeling restless or sweating. Babies with sleep apnea are prone to lack of sleep during the day because they wake up multiple times at night.

Untreated sleep apnea may cause cardiovascular complications, learning or behavioral problems. Consult your doctor if you have any concerns.Surgery is also recommended, and your doctor can recommend ways to help you diagnose the problem.

Reminder for parents of 10 month old baby- Week 41

During the first week of the 10th month, your baby may have a habit of shaking and turning his head. Although it sounds like your baby finds himself rhythmic, you don’t have to hurry to change these habits. A few ways to offer you and your baby to coexist peacefully with these habits:

  • Give your baby some hug and swing.
  • Provide some rhythmic activities that both you and your baby can enjoy, such as sitting with them or teaching them how to use the baby rocking chair themselves;
  • Give them more toy instruments that make a sound; hand with themor fingers to play a game of clapping with nursery rhymes.
  • Give your baby plenty of play time during the day.
  • Create a soothing bedtime routine that includes a hug, massage, or some swing (but not when you’re going to sleep).
  • If your baby is usually swinging in their crib, do not put them on the crib until you settle down.
    If your baby likes to dance in their own crib, lay a carpet under the stroller or remove the wheels to reduce the risk of the crib collapsing when shaking
  • Try not to keep the crib against the wall or other furniture.

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