Baby Week 43: By this week, babies will be able to walk with their legs, and even lift their own hands when they get dressed and drink in a cup or grabbing food with their own hands.

During week 3 of month 10, your 10 month old baby can already do the following:

  • Stand alone briefly.
  • Say “dad” or “mom” clearly.
  • Point out what they want

How to take care of your 10 month old baby – Week 43

Your baby may deliberately remove things for you to pick up, and if you’re tired of this game, you can distract him with a peek-a-peek-a-game.

Health information for your 10 month old baby – Week 43

Most pediatricians won’t schedule a routine checkup this month. If you observe something wrong with your baby, you don’t have to wait until next month, you can contact your doctor immediately.

The needs and development of your 10 month old baby – Week 43

During this time, your baby may have experienced a cold or flu. Here are some information about antibiotics:

What is antibiotics? Can I give it to my baby?

Use antibiotics with caution. Antibiotics only effectively fight against bacteria. Colds, flu and many respiratory diseases are caused by viruses, so taking antibiotics is useless, please let your baby use antibiotics when they really need them, so as not to produce resistance. In addition, the use of antibiotics is not without risk, it may have side effects or cause severe allergic reactions.

When to use antibiotics for babies

Use antibiotics as instructed by your pediatrician. It is important to finish and complete the entire antibiotic treatment. It is not only to treat it effectively, but it can even cause other serious health problems.

How to make it easy for your baby to take antibiotics?

antibiotics for babies
Photo by Polina Tankilevitch on Pexels

If your baby vomits after taking antibiotics or spits all of them out as soon as they are taken, don’t force your baby to take it back again, as most of the drugs are already absorbed even after an hour. This could also causes other side effects or overdose, so take precautions when giving it to your baby or ask your baby’s doctor.

Some medicines can be mixed with food (e.g. apple puree). Using a dropper or syringe to make your baby swallow the drug directly is easier as you simple have to your baby’s throat, which is more efficient than feeding it with a spoon.You can mix some flavorings with drugs to make it easier for your baby to accept.

Reminder for parents of 10 months old – Week 43

Note for baby week 43 are as follows:

Teeth molars

In addition to shaking the head, pulling the hair or pulling the thumb, tooth grinding is often used to relieve anxiety for babies. It can affect the development of molar teeth. It is often caused by anxiety and curiosity.

If your baby is starting to grow more teeth, surely your baby will have a mixture of emotions;  feeling itchy in the gums, and being irritated. Therefore, be sure to give your baby pacifiers or teethers to prevent them from biting hard items which can cause crooked teeth.

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