Diabetes is caused not only by heredity, lifestyle, but also by the environment. If you want to be healthy, take note of the following bad habits that cause diabetes to worsen and try to change it.

Drinking too much sugary beverages

Uncontrolled drinking soft drinks and juices can lead to diabetes. Many people misunderstand that juice is good for health, but in fact, they are simply drinking a cup of juice that contains a lot of sugar. When thirsty, opt for water, sugar-free tea or coffee. These are the most sensible choices for your body, and would not worsen nor trigger diabetes.


According to the World Health Organization (WHO) report, diabetes cases will rise to 90% in Asian countries over the next 20 years. Dr. Gauden Galea said that the number of diabetes patients in Hanoi, Vietnam, has doubled in 10 years because in this city people prefer to ride motorcycles instead of bicycles. In short, people with less exercise have a higher risk of obesity than those who are cycling, walking or doing other sports.

Being a Night Owl – Sleeping Late

If you sleep for less than 6 hours a day, metabolism is disrupted and diabetes becomes uncontrollable. What’s more, lack of sleep also stimulates blood hormones and creates hunger, followed by weight gain, which is why sleep is a priority.

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Skipping Breakfast

In the busy life of modern people sometimes have to skip without breakfast, day after day it becomes a habit. But keep in mind that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, supporting the energy of the new day. Skipping breakfast doesn’t save you time, but it will make you very hungry before the end of the morning, creating a favourable hotbed for Type 2 diabetes. In addition, persistent starvation up to lunch can also produce a chain reaction that destroys insulin values and blood glucose control.

Eating Supper

Patients with diabetes are never recommended to eat supper after dinner. Unhealthy supper will definitely lead to weight gain, while eating too late at night will lead to high glycemic index the next morning. If you want to satisfy your appetite after your last meal, you should only choose fruit with a small piece of cheese or peanut butter.

After informing about some bad habits that cause diabetes, are you ready to change them and create a better life? You should join more sports such as walking, dancing, cycling, and more. Know exactly what you should eat and what you should avoid. It will not be in vain to seriously consider preparing for a change of habits, as this will help prevent diabetes to worsen.

According to research by medical experts, a new theory has been found that diabetes is not only genetically caused, but also influenced by a variety of complex factors, such as lifestyle habits and the environment. People with diabetes gene may not have diabetes. Other factors may also cause a person’s disease, including overeating/obesity, lack of exercise, and pregnancy. Therefore, avoiding these bad habits and creating a good lifestyle is very important to prevent diabetes.

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