Breast cancer can occur in people of all ages, causing a lot of physical pain and mental burden. If young women suffer from breast cancer, they are worried about fertility. But is pregnancy safe and feasible after breast cancer? This article starts with this question and answers you one by one.

Can I have a child after breast cancer?

Different types of cancer treatment may have a negative impact on a person’s ability to have children. Chemotherapy, for example, can cause infertility because it can damage the ovaries during cancer treatment. Fortunately, many people can still have children after treatment. It is recommended that you tell your doctor about your fertility plan before starting treatment for breast cancer.

Does pregnancy increase the risk of recurrence of breast cancer?

We all know that breast cancer is associated with estrogen, but studies show that pregnancy does not lead to increased risk of breast cancer relapse. On the contrary, pregnancy is physiological approximation of estrogen, because estrogen is a natural body mechanism for pregnancy. If you are not pregnant, there is indirect stress on the body, which is why Reasons for the lower risk of breast cancer in pregnant people compared to those who are not pregnant.

The same is true for breastfeeding, which won’t make your breast cancer more likely to relapse. Some studies have indicated that women who are breastfeeding have a lower risk of developing cancer.

How long can I get pregnant after breast cancer is cured?

There is no clear waiting time, but doctors recommend that breast cancer patients should wait at least 2 years before becoming pregnant after successful treatment. cases. Keep in mind that everyone’s situation is different and there are no clinical trials that confirm when pregnancy is safe. Your fertility plan should be tailored to your age, type of cancer, and risk of recurrence.


There is no evidence that a history of breast cancer has a direct impact on female babies. The study found that the proportion of women with a history of breast cancer did not increase in the proportion of babies born with defects or chronic health problems.

Does breast cancer treatment affect unborn babies?

Breast cancer treatment includes chemotherapy, hormone therapy, or targeted therapy, which may affect the fetus. Therefore, pregnancy should not be carried out until all treatment is completed. In addition, treatment should not be discontinued earlier in order to give birth, which would lead to faster cancer growth or increase the risk of relapse.

Is breast milk safe after breast cancer treatment?

After all treatments, you can still breast-feeding, but if you use the affected breast-feeding, it will still cause problems. Radiotherapy may reduce the amount of your milk, and breast reconstruction may cause pain when your baby sucks the breast.

Also, if you’re still on medication, tell your doctor about your breastfeeding plan, as there are many medications that may come into breast milk and affect your baby.