Breast cancer patients should pay attention to their diet and eat healthy to enhance their immunity. Regular intake of vitamin rich, antioxidant foods and nutrients, such as the following 5 types, is recommended to improve the immune system and relieve the side effects of breast cancer treatment.

Green tea

Breast cancer occurs because of abnormal growth of breast cells and malignant tumors. Green tea is believed to be anti-cancer, helping to slow down or prevent abnormal growth of blood vessels inside the tumor. Green tea can be consumed as a drink or a dietary supplement containing green tea.


Studies have found that people who consume a lot of garlic have a lower chance of developing cancer. Some substances in garlic improve the immune system and help the body fight breast cancer cells, so garlic not only helps cancer treatment but also prevents cancer.


Breast cancer treatment can cause side effects such as nausea, vomiting or fatigue, resulting in significant weight loss and malnutrition. Weakness makes it harder to fight cancer, so antiemetic drugs can be used to improve and dietary supplements can be used to supplement inadequate nutrition. You can use dietary supplements containing ginger to reduce nausea, as long as you confirm with your doctor that it does not affect the course of treatment or condition.


Mushroom extracts have been used in pharmacy for many years and contain many substances that inhibit the growth of some cancer cells, including some types of breast cancer. For example, there is a substance called Lentinan that inhibits carcinogenic enzymes. There is also a substance that is beta-glucan, which can also help the body fight against tumors.

Antioxidant Nutrients

Vitamin A, Vitamin C, Vitamin E and Selenium are antioxidants that protect against cell damage caused by chemotherapy or radiation therapy; Vitamins C and E also reduce fatigue. Although heavy use of antioxidants is helpful for cancer treatment, excessive use of certain antioxidants can also increase the risk of cancer, so please be careful when using them. Fresh fruits and vegetables are the best antioxidants, like oranges, apples, carrots and red pepper, and if not, ask your doctor how to use dietary supplements.