Hormonal therapy for breast cancer? Hormones are secreted by the glands and function in the human body to transfer chemical. If the body is stimulated, the central nervous system signals specific glands to release hormones directly into the blood vessels, so the hormones can circulate in the body. The target cell’s appearance has a receiver that senses these released hormones, and then there’s a genetic expression that responds to the stimulation that the body receives, some of which stimulate the rapid growth of cancer cells.

What is hormonal therapy?

If a cancer cell is detected with a receptor that binds to a hormone, then a drug, surgery, or a radiotherapy, is needed to reduce the amount of hormone or block the function of the cancer cell. Hyperplasia, a process called Hormone therapy, also known as Endocrine therapy, is used to treat cancer. There are more and more treatments for breast cancer. In addition to chemotherapy, hormonal therapy may also be effective in treating breast cancer.

Which hormonal therapy will be used for breast cancer?

There are many ways to treat Hormone-sensitive breast cancer, including stopping the function of the ovaries, stopping the secretion of the body, and blocking the functioning of estrogen. The main purpose of these treatments is to suppress the secretion of estrogen; which is a hormone (before menopause, women have ovaries, adipose tissue, skin, and so on, which all secrete estrogen). This will accelerate the growth of breast cancer cells.

How does hormonal therapy treat breast cancer?

Hormonal therapy for hormone-sensitive breast cancer can be used in three main ways:

Early adjunctive therapy for breast cancer

After breast cancer surgery, Radiotherapy or Systemic therapy are usually used as an auxiliary sexual therapy. The study found that patients using this treatment usually have a lower recurrence rate of breast cancer and that another breast will not have a new cancer for at least 15 years. The adjunctive therapy and the duration of treatment are different and should be determined by an oncologist.

Pre-Adjuvant Therapy for Breast Cancer

This hormonal therapy is used before surgery to treat breast cancer, which is currently under clinical research aimed at reducing breast tumors in pre-menopausal women. However, no hormonal therapy is available for this treatment.

What are the potential side effects?

Potential side effects of hormonal therapy depend on the medication and treatment the patient receives. Side effects include the following:

Hot flashes
Night sweats
vaginal dryness
Periodic irregularities in women before menology

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