Pregnancy is one of the most important moments in a woman’s life; but is it possible to get pregnant after an abortion; will multiple abortion cause infertility?This article will answer these questions.

Definition of abortion

Abortion is the act of aborting, destroying and extracting new life from the mother during pregnancy, also known as abortion. Women choose abortion for many reasons, including economic factors, health factors or fetal defects.

Will abortion cause infertility?

Abortion is not directly related to infertility, but mistakes in abortion procedures and frequent abortions increase the risk of infertility. Although abortion is morally controversial, one or two abortions do not result in infertility or sequelae as long as an abortion is performed in a regular hospital.

Aftermath of abortion

Affects of abortion on the body:

  • Vaginal bleeding in early pregnancy
  • Premature babies
  • Underweight
  • Placenta retention
  • Severe infection
  • Damage to the uterus

Effects of abortion on the body

Women with more than two abortions increase the risk of postoperative infections. Most infections can be treated with medication, some of the more severe infections such as pelvic inflammatory disease affects the reproductive organs and, if not treated, can lead to infertility. Today’s medical technology is advanced and usually does not damage the uterus, there is a small chance that it can hurt the cervix, and later pregnancy will be prone to miscarriage.

Psychological impact of abortion

Post-abortion women may experience post-abortion syndrome. Common symptoms can be seen after abortion is done, it includes guilt, anxiety, depression and avoidance of sexuality, which indirectly result in infertility or reduced fertility. You should seek help from your partner and family before and after abortion. You should not be pregnant again in the short period after abortion, and let your body and uterus rest. The physical and psychological impact of abortion cannot be overlooked. If you have any needs or questions about future pregnancies, please consult a physician or psychologist to help you face your next pregnancy healthily.


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