Is it safe for people with Kidney Stones to go on Roller Coasters? When minerals in urine are crystallized and deposition in the kidneys, small and hard kidney stones are formed, which can affect not only the kidney, but also the urethra, including ureters, bladder, etc. This can also cause severe pain and urinary tract infections. Depending on the size of the stones, the doctor will give different advice and treatment. In addition to medication, the medical community is looking for other treatments. Recently, researchers have even boldly suggested that a roller coaster might have a therapeutic effect! Is this just absurd nonsense, or is it really possible to turn into a potential therapy for patients with kidney stones? Let’s keep looking.

Sources of inspiration for research

The study, published in the American Osteopathic Association, was inspired by unconfirmed rumors. Because the unfamiliar man claimed to solve his kidney stones problem after a roller coaster, the curiosity aroused professionals decided to experiment to see if the matter was true.

The way the experiment is conducted

The research team simulated the kidney of a patient with kidney stones, 3D printed an experimental kidney, and then filled the model with urine and put the real stones in the upper, middle and lower channels. The experiment was conducted at Disneyland’s Big Thunder Mountain coaster, with a total of 20 consecutive tests.

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The findings of the study

After the ride, the researchers analyzed the flow of kidney stones in the kidneys. Unexpectedly, the nephrolithiasis at the upper channel is almost loosened after each roller ride, while the stones in the lower middle channel are less moved. In addition to this, the researchers found the more interesting fact that nearly 2/3 of the kidney stones at the back of the roller coaster flow out, while only 1/6 of those sitting in the front row flow out.

Therefore, the study inferred that patients not only enjoy the fun of riding roller coasters, but also discharge kidney stones without any intervention, preventing them from getting bigger. Perhaps in the near future, when riding a roller coaster becomes an alternative kidney lithiasis therapy, we’ll see doctors calling patients to go to Disneyland to ride roller coasters.

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