Asthma is a chronic disease, but it can often occur or deteriorate. Suddenly, it can be extremely disturbing if it is difficult to reach a doctor. Prevention is better than cure. Instead of worrying about asthma attacks, please refer to the following suggestions to make more adjustments in your life, which may help reduce the chance of asthma attacks.

Create a asthma friendly home

Allergens such as pet dander, dust mites, mold spores and other allergens are likely to induce asthma. Therefore, please refer to the following tips to prevent them.

to avoid pet dandruff

if there is a pet at home, to avoid increased asthma of parents, as much as possible to keep the pet in another space, and fixed to help the pet bath, avoid dandruff flying.

Avoid dust mites

air conditioning can be used to control humidity, and remember to regularly fix the flowers and flowers around the house or grass, to avoid pollen scattered air

Avoid mold

In addition, mold is often found in the room, kitchen or basement, do not forget to clean these areas and repair leaking areas, remember to wear masks to cover the mouth and nose when cleaning and refurbishing.

Avoid inhalation of smoke

Being in a smoky environment is not a good phenomenon for asthma patients, as smoke from cigarettes, candles, fire sources, pyrotechnics or incense items can cause asthma attacks, among which smoking can also leading to medical problems such as Lung Cancer, Throat Cancer, Heart Disease, High Blood Pressure (Hyptertension) and skin diseases. Therefore, addicts with asthma should quit smoking immediately and avoid inhalation of second-hand smoke.

regular movement

Exercise is good for health, helps asthma patients maintain vitality. In addition, regular exercise can strengthen cardiopulmonary function and help relieve symptoms. In fact, the doctor may ask the patient to do certain exercises to help with asthma. Remember to follow the instructions. If you exercise in cold temperatures, make sure you cover your nose with a mask so that the air you breathe is warm.

Maintain a healthy weight

Obesity can worsen asthma and reduce the ability to control asthma. People with body mass index (BMI) exceeding 30 (normal range is 18.5~24.9) have a higher chance of asthma. , overweight can also affect the lungs and make breathing difficult. In addition, adipose tissue produces inflammatory substances that may cause asthma, which are not beneficial to asthma patients.

In addition, patients suffering from asthma and overweight may suffer from other medical problems, such as Depression and Obstructive Sleep Apnea, a disease that causes breathing to stop, breathing and gasping during sleep.

Follow the prescription of drugs

Many patients do not follow the doctor’s instructions to use the medicine. Maybe they don’t take the medicine anymore. They may also feel complicated and the treatment is too long. If the patient has such a problem, we recommend Adherence to doctor’s instructions is important for treating asthma. Drugs can help to control asthma and prevent the deterioration of the condition. Therefore, don’t unilaterally think that the condition is good, you prefer not to use drugs.