According to the estimates, about 350 million people worldwide are suffering from Diabetes. Even though many of the people around us are not yet identified as diabetics, there is one in every two people who might potentially suffer from it.

Since diabetes is usually associated with obesity, lack of exercise, unhealthy eating habits, this may also mean that there are many more restrictions in life, such as living patterns might change, diet items must be strictly controlled, life is deprived, medication is regularly taken, it is easy to cause grief, and you might have to sacrifice your freedom. However, this is not the case. Many people with diabetes experience a little change in their daily lives, and they see better symptoms and more stable blood sugar control.

Why Patients Need to Change

People with diabetes have to adjust their lifestyles to control their blood sugar. More importantly, before starting to change, patients with diabetes have to accept the fact that they need to change and ask themselves beforehand: “Why do I need to change my lifestyle?” , “What positive results will I get if I change?” Here are three things that you can feel after the change.

Healthier organs

When the blood glucose level in the body remains normal and stable, it helps to protect the organs of the body, reduce the risk of various diseases, such as heart disease, stroke, kidney disease, eye disease, and nervous system problems.

Better physical health

Hyperglycaemia is more likely to cause hunger or thirst, frequent urination, fatigue and drowsiness, frequent infection than normal blood glucose level. , as well as blurred vision. Hypoglycaemia, on the other hand, causes sweating, hunger, trembling, dry mouth, dizziness, weakness and headache. If blood glucose control is stable, these symptoms can be alleviated or prevented by prevention.

Current article: Diabetes – Diabetics Should Change Your Diet Now

Healthier mood

For some people, very low blood glucose can lead to anxiety, mental confusion. While if th blood glucose value is too high, it can sometimes make a person’s depression to worsen. A healthy and balanced diet can help you control your blood glucose stability. It can also cultivate positive and positive emotions and promote a healthier and happier life.

How patients maintain positive thoughts

Research found that patients are disappointed with self-care and health management, which is why patients with diabetes are often affected by negative emotions. But in fact, no one can easily take happiness from you unless you give up positive ideas. As Eleanor Roosevelt, the former First Lady of the United States, said, “No one will get you into a worse situation and lose laughter unless you agree.” If you think that diabetes is going to make your life disshine and take joy away, your perception of the future may fall into frustration.

Instead, you can think of diabetes as a driving force to transform yourself into a healthier person with better future. With this positive idea, you will discover a new self that you haven’t noticed in the past. You will also have better emotions. After diagnosing diabetes, carefully consider the following 6 points to your health:

If you are diagnosed with diabetes, that’s the best reason you need to keep your health under strict control.
From now on, you need to be more aware of a balanced, healthy diet. Besides, your waist will be thinner, all thanks for your efforts.
Now that you exercise more seriously than ever, and when you see yourself through the mirror, you will also find the benefits of exercise, making your body healthier.
You will be more aware of the bad habits that improve your daily life, which will improve your blood sugar and improve your overall health.
As you begin to focus more on your health, you will also appreciate every moment of your life and be grateful to everyone around you.

Diabetes – Diabetics Should Change Your Diet Now

Top 5 Questions From a Diabetic Patient

I can’t eat what I want to eat like before. What if someone else wants to eat what I want?

In fact: Everyone should follow a healthy diet just like you, because healthy eating is just as important to everyone.

From now on, do I have to follow the dietary principles of diabetes?

In fact: everyone should maintain a balanced and nutritious diet; there is no special diabetic diet principle, only a healthy diet is truly suitable for everyone.

From now on, I can’t eat sweets, and chocolate?

In fact, the relationship between diabetes and sweets is not as strict as life imprisonment. Any food can still be consumed in small quantities and moderately.

To improve my condition, I have to lose a lot of weight

In fact: as long as you are overweight, reducing 7% of your weight will help you improve your blood sugar and physical condition.

Can I no longer engage in some strenuous exercise?

In fact: there are no special restrictions on sports unless specifically instructed by your doctor.

Current article: Diabetes – Diabetics Should Change Your Diet Now

It’s time to make changes.

Now that you understand why you want to change your daily habits, the next question is: “Are you willing and ready to change your habits?” If your answer is yes, then think about it.

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