Diabetes can also help patients with heart disease, feet or nerves to maintain their health if they are well controlled. and prevent the rapid deterioration of the condition. For women, the most effective way to control diabetes is to change your lifestyle. Here are 7 recommendations for all women patients to make us healthy and beautiful together.

Stay active

Exercise has always been helpful for your body, especially for people with diabetes, which can help you stay healthy, maintain blood sugar levels and reduce stress. The amount of exercise does not need to be large, walking 20 to 30 minutes a day is enough. You can also try dancing, swimming, aerobic dancing, playing tennis or badminton, and even weight training and stretching have a good impact on your body!

Maintain optimism and positive

Be optimistic and calm when you know you have diabetes. Don’t be afraid. Just follow your doctor’s instructions to keep doing your favorite things away from habits or foods that are dangerous to your health. Positive attitude reduces stress in life, and helps keep blood sugar stable.

Diet for women with diabetes

Diabetes are not just about weight control, but about maintaining health and preventing elevated blood sugar or cholesterol. You should write down what healthy food you have eaten and avoid what you shouldn’t eat; a diet plan to stay healthy does not mean you have to abandon what you like to eat altogether, but to learn to enjoy the right amount. You can also discuss with your doctor to make a diet plan that works best for you.

Take good care of your skin.

Patients with diabetes may be accompanied by disturbing skin problems. After all, the skin is the biggest organ that we have, so don’t overlook your skin problems. If a skin problem appear or  abnormalities happen, you should be dealt with immediately. If the problem is severe, consult a doctor immediately, especially on cold or windy days, and keep your skin moist.

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Diabetes as a part of life of women

After you have diabetes, you can continue to live the way you like, but you need to change some bad habits, such as sedentary, fatty foods, etc. Even if you don’t have diabetes, these bad habits can gradually erode your health.

Sleep well

People who often stay up late are poorly physically, often incapacitant, and people with insufficient sleep tend to have a higher stress index than people with adequate sleep. Diabetes patients with adequate sleep should have a healthier diet and better blood glucose levels.

Overcoming fear of insulin injections

Patients with diabetes usually need regular insulin injections, training themselves to face the needle and overcome fear to get rid of anxiety. Frightened again.

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