Are you curious about the taste of semen? – I’m sure everyone is more or less curious, but honestly, semen may not be so delicious, some say it tastes like bleach, and others feel a similarity to detergent. But is there a way to make your semen taste better? You may also have heard that drinking pineapple juice beforehand can improve the taste of semen. Is it really effective, as mentioned on the Internet? Let’s take a scientific look at the composition of semen and how you can use your diet to improve the taste of semen.

Drinking water can dilute the bitterness

Nelson Bennett, a urologist at Northwestern Memorial, states: “Whatever we take, food, and Drinks or smoking can affect the taste of our fluids, like sweat and saliva, and of course semen.” In order to survive in a weak acid environment in the vagina, semen is alkaline (pH slightly >7), so the taste is somewhat bitter. In addition, drinking water can also have a big impact, Dr. Bennett said, “Drinking too much water increases the amount of semen.” Replenishing the moisture can indirectly improve the taste of semen.

Does pineapple really make semen sweeter?

“Not right and not completely wrong!” “Although no studies have confirmed this, a diet with high sugar may affect the pH and sugar concentration of semen, which is sufficient for us to perceive.” Because pineapple is also acidic, it may slightly reduce the alkaline bitterness, and so on, acidic fruits such as lemon or cranberry may have the same effect, he also mentioned: “Cranberry balances semen’s pH value to make it taste better.”

Doctors Suggestions on What to Eat

Natural is the best choice –  Fruits are great because it helps increase the sugar concentration in semen, doctors recommend that kiwi, blueberries, and nucleated fruits such as plums, peaches and coconut improve their taste. In addition, some spices such as cinnamon, wheat grass, mint, green mint and parsley may make semen sweeter. It is worth noting that Celery which is rich in Vitamin C, can help dilute the salty taste.

Although the exact cause is unknown, coffee, alcohol and cigarettes make semen bitter, and their by-products are excreted by body fluids, including sweat, urine and semen. In addition, red meat, dairy products, chocolate, asparagus, cauliflower and spinach will make semen salty and more intense. For example, within a few hours after eating asparagus, you will find that urine is not good and semen is also affected. In addition to the above foods, fried foods should also be avoided, so that it is possible to improve the taste.

How long will it work after eating?

Despite the Internet spread, quickly drinking a cup of pineapple juice, can make semen sweeter, the above mentioned diet may indeed change the taste of semen, but, changing the diet does not immediately take effect. It takes about a few days to weeks to change significantly, because most of the ingredients takes a few days to be processed. So, do not drink a cup of pineapple juice in the morning, and expect it to be sweeter tasting at night.

Although most urologists still argue that it is difficult for men to change the taste of their semen because the composition of it is almost constant, and the taste is relatively difficult to change; but according to online discussions, everyone’s experience seems to believe that diets do slightly change the taste of semen. Therefore, while there is no clear evidence that these practices are effective, try it if there is a need, not to mention the diet, mostly fruits and other healthy foods.

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