Diet while Pregnant – Many people will cut off food for health, religion, and so on. If you are one of them, and plan to get pregnant, you should be worried whether it will affect fertility. Such a concern is reasonable, because eating off may change the hormones of the body. Now we’re going to talk about whether eating off really affects fertility, and whether this effect is positive or negative.

Effects of eating off on female fertility

Research conducted in collaboration with Harvard University and Massachusetts General Hospital shows that reducing calorie intake in mother mice prevents congenital malformations. In this study, scientists allowed one group of rats to be fed as much as possible and the other group to be controlled for seven months before the experiment was completed. Studies show that free eating rats have reduced the number of ovulation, while dietary restricted rats produce healthier eggs than before. Other similar animal studies, such as the female monkeys, have the same results, so researchers conclude that the same phenomenon can occur in humans, and believe that eating off will not affect female fertility, but benefits include increased ovulation, healthier eggs, regularize the menstrual cycle, and prolong the fertility of women. This is all because during eating off, calorie intake becomes less, so that the decrease in blood sugar affects the reproductive hormones.

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Effects of eating off on sperm quality

Eating off does not adversely affect the quality of sperm and can even improve the functioning of male genital organs. This is because eating off can help maintain acid-base balance in the body, reduce food intake over a long time, and prevent many bacteria, viruses, and harmful cells such as cancer cells. Eating off can also allow the digestive system to rest, eliminate toxins and impurities that are detrimental to health.

Although eating off does not affect fertility and can even improve the quality and ability of fertility, do not forget to maintain a balanced diet and replenish moisture at all times to maintain your body’s fluid balance, especially if you plan to be pregnant.

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