Risk of Progesterone; There are many different reproductive drugs on the market, some of which are evaluated at the poles, such as adrenal corticosteroids (Prednisone, or Grossone). For some, asphyxia is like a fertility fairy, but for others, the efficacy of asphyxia is nothing more than exaggeration. Now, let’s take a look at whether asymphysiosis really has an effect on fertility.

What is a strong body pine?

Grossone is a corticosteroid that can be used as a synthetic hormone and has immunosuppressive properties. Physicians sometimes prescribe gospone for women who have multiple miscarts or have natural killer cells (which may attack the fetus). Gospone can also help men reduce antibodies and sperm. However, Grossone is not intended only for patients with fertility problems, but also for patients with allergies, blood diseases, respiratory and skin problems, as it has anti-inflammatory and inhibitory properties.

Is it really a fertility fairy?

Grossine is highly recognized in general medical applications, but its efficacy in fertility has not been proven. Experts therefore warn that although there are several studies that have confirmed that it can reduce the risk of abortion and natural killer cells, these studies are only small and there are no extensive experiments.

A study conducted by Australian scholars combined with low doses of Grossone and anticoagulant Clexane to help women with multiple abortions and inhibit natural killer cells in the body. The results of the study were excellent, but there were only a small number of subjects and no definitional conclusions could be reached.

Efficacy and Risk of Progesterone

How do doctors treat infertility with marshal?

For women with chronic illnesses, doctors usually prescribe a ligosone for a short period of time. The prescribed dose varies from person to person, usually 5 mg a day, and after the ovulation day, the doctor prescribes a ligosone. However, for patients with high risk of natural killer cells, physicians will prescribe Grossone 2 weeks before the egg extraction date. Once the human chorionic gonadotropin (HCG) blood test (used to measure pregnancy) results is negative, the patient does not need to take astigmone; if positive, patients will continue to take astigmone until 12 weeks of pregnancy, but the dosage will gradually decrease.

Health Risks of Using Grossine

Steroids are always associated with health risks, and the side effects of steroids are irritability, anxiety and sleep problems. Ingestion of prenatal corticosteroids may affect the foetus. Therefore, consult your family physician about the pros and cons of this treatment before taking Grossine.

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