Diabetes is a disease in which the body cannot produce insulin or effectively use insulin, which can lead to excessive glucose levels in the blood. Diabetes can also help control the disease by doing daily yoga through medications and a healthy diet.

The help of yoga exercise for diabetes

Like other diseases, stress can worsen diabetes, especially anxiety, which can affect the secretion of a glycemic hormone. However, if you can practise yoga and use drugs, you can reduce stress on the body and mind, effectively reducing sugar content and promoting insulin secretion.

Yoga can also help in weight control, which can help relieve diabetes, delay the deterioration of the disease, and reduce the likelihood of complications. Experts have confirmed that Kapal Bhati pranayama in yoga, or Sun Salutation, are Exercise that effectively reduces fat.

Hypertension can also worsen diabetes, so it is recommended to do more of the Corpse Pose, Bridge Pose, Child Pose and Yoga Nidra can help reduce blood pressure in a relaxing way.

The therapeutic effect of yoga meditation

Meditation is the best way to eliminate stress. We already know that stress is inextricably linked to diabetes; when it is learned that stress is the main cause of diabetes, it increases anxiety and forms a vicious circle. Most diabetic patients also lack self-confidence due to illness, but meditation can help them regain confidence in themselves and give them the strength to fight diabetes. In addition, normal meditation exercises can help reduce sweating.