There are 13 things that every woman should know about going to bed; Knowing these information teach you how to have an enjoying and a better sex life.

Making Your Man Excited

While mentioning men and sexuality, people usually think of “that one” directly. In fact, there are many ways to arouse a man’s sexuality. You can kiss, touch and touch his lips, neck, earlobe, chest, back, neck, inner thigh and groove while caressing to observe his excitement.You will know more about his sensitive areas.

Zero shortcomings in your figure

Driven by sexual excitement, men will be exorcised and will not notice your shortcomings, also known as your insecurities. So, don’t worry about your figure anymore, remember that you are the most beautiful. When you are confident, it will look sexier and trigger a man’s lust.

It’s always not perfect for the first time.

The first time for having sex is not always perfect. The two people may feel pain and it is difficult to grasp each other’s rhythm. But, don’t make a conclusion because of one experience, both parties need time to get acquainted with sex.

Swing Your Body

Don’t think that sprints are men’s thing, and women can only lie there, instead, you can swing your body, moan, find the rhythm and enjoy. Your efforts will make both parties have the greatest pleasure in bed.

Men like women to take the initiatives too

To provoke a man’s sexuality, suggest a woman give him a hint of sex, don’t be afraid to wear sexy, tease each other, bite his ears, or send a message to tell him what you want to do next. Remember, sex is not only about sexual contact. Don’t be shy!

Relax before having sex.

After a long day of work, relaxing will not only relieve your stress, but also prepare your body for sex. Take a moment to take a hot bath and help yourself relax.

The more you love, the more you want.

It’s normal and inevitable that sex makes you feel excited and delighted, and your body remembers that feeling. You should not feel guilty about the desire to have sex.

Don’t keep thinking about orgasm.

Girl Talk: Learn How to Have an Enjoying Sex
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Don’t always think about orgasm, because if you’re too anxious, it’s not easy to reach orgasm. Please enjoy the course of sex, each other’s company, kisses and caresses, and climax eventually naturally come. However, never pretend to orgasm, and if you feel uncomfortable, you should tell each other that he can change the way and make both parties happy.

You can touch yourself.

Touching your body is a very sexy thing, but it also stimulates the libido of your partner. Many partners like to see the other half enjoy caressing their body.

It’s important to focus on love.

Concentration is important when making love. If you still think about work or other things in your life and think too much, your libido can easily be distracted.Consider not placing your phone in the bedroom, so you can avoid interference with your phone’s various notification sounds.

After having sex, go to the toilet and clean the your private area.

After having sex, remember to go to the toilet and clean yourself, so you can prevent infections such as urethritis, especially in women.

You can also masturbate with a partner

If you have a partner, you can masturbate. This is the best way to enjoy a relationship with a partner. For masturbation, you do not need to feel guilt, because this is perfectly normal.

Do more Kegel sports

Kegel exercise is a great benefit for you. It strengthens the pubic coccal muscles and makes your orgasm stronger and more enjoyable.

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