Medium chain triglycerides (MCT) of goat milk is a very special dietary saturated fat, which has great health benefits. In recent years, the general public has become increasingly interested in information about medium chain triglycerides, so today we want to introduce this ingredient to let you know its efficacy and how it is ingested.

Basic information on Medium chain triglycerides

Most fatty acids and chain fatty acids have 12 to 22 carbon molecules. The digestion process is sent to the body tissue through blood vessels, then decompose and store. The difference between medium chain triglycerides is that they have 8 to 12 carbon molecules, and the absorption method is relatively simple, decompose directly in the liver and turn into energy. Caproic acid, and capric acid are among the medium chain triglycerides and are found in the many animal and vegetable oils.

Goat milk is better than milk.

Milk and goat milk also contain medium chain triglycerides, which are relatively higher in goat milk by about 25%. In addition, the Lauric acid in goat milk is about three times higher than milk and is more rich in calcium, phosphorus, iron, zinc and protein than milk. People who are allergic to milk may not have allergic reactions if they change to drink goat’s milk.

Medium chain triglycerides are especially good for whom?

Excessive surgery, people who need to increase cellular energy
People who need to improve their athletic performance
People in need of improved physical health and development
People who need to improve heart health
People who need weight loss and weight control
People who need to activate their brain

Benefits of medium chain triglycerides

Easy to digest

If the long chain oil is a whole fruit, medium chain triglycerides are fruit smoothies. Fruit needs to be chewed hard, but fruit smoothies only need to be swallowed. Medium chain triglycerides are like fruit smoothies for the digestive system and can be used to treat malnourished patients.

Helps to lose weight

Medium chain triglycerides will not make you weight gain instantly, but will increase satiety and promote metabolism, which are very helpful for weight loss.

Helping Heart Patients

Clinical studies have found that medium-chain triglycerides help control heart disease and provide alternative energy for oppressed, energy-deficient cells of heart disease patients.

To improve the mood

The brain is composed of fatty acids, so daily in your diet, it is best to have stable medium chain triglycerides source, in order to provide energy to brain cells, maintain clear thoughts, have good work performance, and prevent brain function from decreasing with age. In addition, due to the connection between the brain and the intestine, medium chain triglycerides may also promote intestinal health and affect cognitive function when feeding the brain.

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