Harvard University – Ways to make you Happier – From a macro perspective, as the most advanced creature in nature, we have emotions, and, of course, the ability to adapt, through internal and external changes. So, why we can’t achieve endurance, and joy? This article does not intend to discuss the political topic, the author is concerned about the people’s own happiness index, for this reason, this article collates eight Harvard University recommended formula to cultivate happiness habits, re-learn to be a happy person .

Become a problem solver

People who are happier are often problem-solving people who don’t choose to drill their horns or solve problems in extreme ways. Know yourself, build self-worth and confidence, and improve yourself. At the same time, it is important to understand that not every problem can be resolved as well as to seek compromise solutions.

Do what you love

We understand that life is too short. The period of personal glory is only between 20 to 40 and 50 years. Once it is lost, at an old age, you will only feel endless regret. So while still young, do what you want to do, pursue your idea, its not too late yet. Reach your dream and so you do not regret later in life.

Focus on what you’re doing

When a person chooses to devote himself to a career, study or interest, he is in a happy state. Because he does what he likes and does not interfere with the opinions of his family or external judgements. As the saying goes: “You don’t have to pay in return, but you don’t have to pay.”

Do your best and then let go

Everyone has their own potential and limitations. Some have to go through harder path, but just face everything in life easily and safely. Take it easy, and don’t tired yourself, but when you do everything you can, you will encounter self betterment. Leaving aside the concept of gains and losses, it’s easier for us to focus on things themselves, to be happy, to surprise beyond expectations, rather than disappointments beyond expectations.

Harvard University – Ways to make you Happier

Give back

Sometimes, in life, we get carried away with our lifestyle. We become accustomed to a higher quality of ourselves, live for ourselves, and eventually ignore the people around us. Inevitably, such people can fall into a selfish swamp. For example, in the pursuit of an ideal life, someone chooses to give up a lot of precious things — sacrificing time with family, rare contact with friends, and so on. We all know that this is wrong. A person is a social animal, who can not fight alone. Learn to give, whether it is material or verbal, you will get more joy, and become happier than someone who never cares about others.

Keep you agreement

A person willing to keep a promise is often a person with principles and integrity. He will change his orientation and perceptions without being exposed to external wind and gossip. Keeping promises is important not just for others, but for yourself. The determination to change things and the goals to achieve are all blatant commitments.


The stress and bustness of everyday life make us rarely realize the importance of sincere dialogue with ourselves, and can anyone say for sure, “I know myself well!” The author is convinced that there are such people, but a few. Sometimes we can’t even perceive and control our anger, so why do we understand our true nature? Through meditation, it is a good way to understand your inner thinking habits and to train your restless thoughts. Long-term meditation can make structural changes in the brain, such as hipocamus memory, prefrontal cortex, posthocyte cortex, etc. This can enhance personal memory and learning ability, so that people can reflect on themselves and develop empathy.

Practice forgiveness

Learning to forgive others is actually learning to let yourself go. Understand that personal hatred or anger is a punishment for one’s body and mind, without causing any harm to the other. Of course, mutual harm is the most uncompensable, and forgiveness is the best way to resolve the conflict. In addition, want to dialyse the size of a person’s heart, It is better to listen to positive chatting rather than complains.  There are many ways to be happier – but the simplest one is to think positive.

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