Intimacy is important to life, and most people can’t never have sex. But after a heart attack, some people may have doubts about sex. If this is your troubles, don’t worry, let’s now discover the way to enjoy sex for heart patients.

When can I have sex after a heart attack?

In fact, the right time depends on your feelings. If you feel that the body has recovered, the psyche is also ready. If  you can do some exercise, like walking and climbing stairs, then it’s probably okay to have sex. If you are unsure about your physical condition, you can consult your doctor and do an electrocardiogram examination. If you have previously performed angioplasty, you must wait until the wound is fully recovered to restore sexual life.

Will heart disease relapse during sexual intercourse?

This is very low, only 1% of heart disease is caused by sexual intercourse, so don’t worry. If you’re still worried, the following points may help patients with heart problems get back to bed:

Start with a more gentle part, like a kissing or a hugging.
Let your partner know what you think and feel, so the other may have the same concerns as you.
Do it in a comfortable, undisturbed time and place.
To avoid indigestion during the process, please refrain from engaging 3 hours after meals.
Preparing for the process may not be smooth, as either side may still be anxious for a previous heart attack and have an impact on the ambience or sexual process.
If you experience any discomfort symptoms, such as chest pain, please pause your activity and take a break. If the situation does not improve and taking nitroglycerin is useless, consult a doctor immediately.

What should I do if I have decreased my libido and sexual abilities?

Heart disease may have an impact on physical strength, making sex difficult to perform. There are also many people who have decreased libido after a heart attack. For example, men may have erectile dysfunction and women may have vaginal dryness. If you have this problem, you can go to a doctor, and the doctor may give you medication to help restore sex life.

It is important to note that patients with heart disease should not purchase aphrodisiac drugs without the permission of a doctor. In addition, medications that treat erectile disorders may interact with other cardiac drugs, such as nitroglycerin, causing serious harm to the body so consult your doctor before using them.

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