Diabetes is a disease that brings a lot of health risks. It prevents the body from producing or using insulin, which is responsible for transforming glucose into energy. Hormone. Although diabetes can be controlled, there are still potential complications such as kidney damage, heart disease and neurological diseases.

Diabetes can destroy kidney function

Diabetic nephropathy can damage the kidneys by damaging their ability to filter waste from the blood, causing Diabetic nephropathy. This condition showed no symptoms at the early stage, and the only sign of kidney problems is an increase in protein content in the urine, causing trace albuminuria (Microalbuminuria) ). Patients with diabetes should be evaluated for kidney disease in order to avoid irreversible kidney damage and kidney failure. By far, this is one of the most serious health risks that diabetes can bring.

Cardiovascular problems are dangerous.

High blood glucose concentrations increase fat deposits in the walls of blood vessels, while accumulation of fat slowly restricts blood flow and hardens blood vessels, causing atherosclerosis. Diabetes also increases the risk of hypertension, which puts the heart under stress. According to National Diabetes Information Clearinghouse, patients with People with diabetes are twice as likely to have heart disease or stroke than those without diabetes, and if you smoke, Cardiovascular disease problems has increased significantly.

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Diabetes also damage the nerves

Diabetes can also destroy nerves and cause Peripheral neuropathy, which can cause inaccurate feelings of heat, cold and pain, making you more susceptible to pain. This also makes you more likely to ignore the damage, especially in hard to see places such as between toes, heels or soles of the feet.

However, diabetes patients can still follow a healthy lifestyle and follow the doctor’s instructions to stay away from these injuries and help control them through healthy food, regular exercise and appropriate medication. diabetes, thus avoiding complications.

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