People with high blood pressure should be careful because hypertension threatens the blood vessels of the body, causing weakening of blood circulation throughout the body, and when conditions threaten the pelvic cavity, it can cause sexual Barriers in life have a certain impact on both men and women.

Erectile Dysfunction (ED)

For men, hypertension has a much greater effect on sexual function than in women, and when there is insufficient penis hyperemia Produces erectile dysfunction.

Loss of libido

For women, hypertension can reduce libido and interest in sexual life.

In general, we are more concerned about the effects of hypertension on male sexual function. Some people fear that hypertension can lead to heart disease during sexual intercourse. ,Fortunately, the risk is relatively low,If you follow doctor’s instructions to control hypertension,You can still enjoy sexual pleasure,Although sex does increase your blood pressure,But the level of increase is about to walk or Climbing stairs is the same, but you still need to solve the problem of erectile function. Consult your doctor about the treatment of hypertension and erectile dysfunction.

According to a study in the Journal of the American Geriatrics Society, 49% of years have passed In addition, erectile problems are associated with vascular diseases, drug side effects, stress or depression, hypertension inhibits blood transported from the arteries to the penis. The smooth muscles of the penis cannot be relaxed, meaning erection disorder when the penis is not sufficiently hyperemia.

In addition, Testosterone is also low in patients with hypertension, a hormone that is important for male sexual function and is absolutely essential for sexual life. To sum up, by controlling your blood pressure, you can still enjoy a healthy sex life. Of course, your condition varies from person to person. Please consult your doctor before taking action.