You may be tired of hearing people stay positive – they want you better, but the truth is, they don’t really understand how you feel. We do not have to feel guilty for their emotions, nor do we need to always maintain a positive attitude. We have the freedom to vent our frustration and anger, which is a benign process of dealing with emotions. But it should also be noted that it can be much easier to think about staying positive. But for certain people, such as lung cancer patients, it can be difficult for them to deal with being positive.

Current article: How to Deal with Lung Cancer

Be Happy

Joining a patient support group is an easy way to put yourself in this atmosphere by being positive, optimistic, with your family and friends. People who feel like you or give practical advice can help you become more positive. When you are surrounded by people who constantly complain, their negative emotions are likely to affect you. Spend more time with positive people, it can influence people who think negatively, become positive.

Another way to maintain a positive environment is to listen to exciting music or read inspiring books. This gives you the positive motivation you need to spend the day, and you’ll find it easier than day.

Stay away from negative

To be positive, it is natural to eliminate negative ingredients in life, which means that you should avoid people who are negative and have negative thoughts. Negative people always say: there’s only half of the water left in the glass, too hot, cloudy, which means that the negative people are very negative in their mentality, looking at things are negative; but the positive people are just the opposite, the same thing , they say, “There’s still half amount of water remaining in the glass, it’s hot, but it’s sunny, it’s cloudy, but it’s cool. You will find that most of the negative people are unhappy, and staying with them affects your mood and makes you unhappy.

Change the way of thinking

Staying positive is easier said than done. In order to change your perception of things, you have to understand your thinking patterns and find ways to change your point of view, sometimes a sense of humor helps a lot. You can talk openly about your frustrations and worries, for example, chemotherapy causes hair loss, and you may feel sad for losing your hair; or you can change your mind and think about not having a haircut as you can save a lot of money. Hair loss affects mood, but hair always grows back, so adjusting the point of view of things will help you cope with these situations.

Say positive words to yourself

It may sound a bit funny to recite or speak to yourself, but it’s an effective way to adapt to cancer, and when you say yes to yourself, you’ll feel relaxed and stress-relieved. Positive positive words are words or words that make you feel confident, such as: I will defeat cancer, I am a strong person. Recitation is a meditation that allows you to focus on the language and the way you breathe.

Focus on the things that make you happy

To stay active, you should do what you like. Think about what you love to do before you get diagnosed with lung cancer. Lung cancer doesn’t mean you have to stay away from activities that will make you happy, such as painting lessons or Samba classes. You can invite friends to come together and make it a regular activity that helps to divert negative thoughts and strengthen the positive. Positive thinking and being more active can make people feel cheerful, and positive thinking can make a lot of good changes in life. When you have lung cancer, you absolutely need this attitude, develop an optimistic mindset. Your physical and mental health will surely thank you.

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