Although hypothermia may not be heard as often as a fever, it is also a serious problem for children; especially if children have neurological symptoms or autonomic nervous system disorders, as they are more likely to be hypothermic. To prevent the risk of hypothermia in  children, this article will explain the details of our baby.

Normal body temperature for a child

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The normal temperature is about 37 degrees Celsius, but it varies depending on the level of activity throughout the day. It is normal if the temperature is slightly higher or slightly lower.The axillary temperature is lower than the oral temperature, so if you want to get the most accurate results, it is recommended that you use the anal temperature to get the correct temperature.

Is hypothermometer dangerous?

As mentioned above, if the body temperature is slightly lower than normal, it is not too dangerous because it does not cause organ failure.Parents should understand what causes hypothermology. After all, some children are born to have a lower temperature than their peers.However, it is important to note that a sudden decrease in body temperature is a warning to the body and may be caused by serious health conditions such as Sepsis or severe infection.

Surgical drop of body temperature.

If your child’s temperature falls below 35 degrees Celsius, you should seek medical assistance as soon as possible, as a rapid decrease in body temperature may cause the child’s organ failure. Please remember that once the temperature falls below 33.9 degrees Celsius, most thermometers do not read accurate data, so send your child to emergency care immediately.

What to do if a child is hypothermally low

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If the body temperature remains low, you should ask a pediatrician for advice and follow their instructions. Because based on the test results, doctors can give your child the best treatment.It is important to maintain a positive and supportive attitude between your children’s treatments and to let them know that they will recover.

Two tips: How to prevent Hypothermia

  • Diet changes
    A balanced diet has a positive effect on body temperature. If a child is suffering from malnutrition, adjusting the content of the child’s diet may improve the problem.
  • Stay warm
    It is recommended that children with low body temperature wear warm clothes and eat warm food to raise the body temperature.

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