Increasing Sperm Vitality

In terms of increasing sperm vitality, males should first avoid some bad habits in life that can lead to decreased sperm vitality, such as irregular lifestyle, spicy diet, sedentary living, frequent sauna, hot bath etc. For those who have already been diagnosed with low sperm count, you should  also pay great attention and refrain from smoking, drinking alcohol, and wearing skinny jeans for a long time. Use tonic carefully and avoid high temperature and radiation working environment.

Focus on health — care for kidney

Working too much can lower the sperm count
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Doctors also mentioned that some men might be too occupied with their work, leading to a neglected diet. But the health of men is extremely important, and you should focus on adjusting the diet structure and nourishing your kidney; the second is to reduce the loss of renal sperm. Doctors who combine Chinese and Western medicine to treat male diseases said that from the perspective of Chinese medicine, renal sperm is also known as congenital sperm, mainly from parents, and continue to receive nutrition and supplements after birth.In particular, the lack of kidney sperm is very effective if you pay attention to the upbringing, strengthening the supplementation and maintenance of kidney sperm.

A hygienic sex life

People tend to put an emphasis that unclean sexual intercourse spreads sexually transmitted diseases only, but few know that reproductive tract infections have a great lethal effect on sperm vitality too. Doctors say that semen infection can significantly affect the vitality of sperm, as if fishes were kept in sewage. From a clinical perspective, young people’s chances of infection are mainly due to unclean sex and activities such as sauna, so sexual activities must be safe and hygienic. Also, if you experience symptoms of of reproductive tract infection, you should see a doctor immediately, instead of self-medicating and taking drugstore medicine. The formation of chronic reproductive tract infections can increase the difficulty of treatment once a good treatment is missed.

Try not to use any chemical agent

Clothes you get back from the dry cleaners are better left and hanged in your closet for a few days before wearing them, as dry cleaners can affect the sexual function of men.
Go to bed before 11:00 a day and take enough rest.
Prevention of infectious diseases that endanger male fertility such as mumps, sexually transmitted diseases, as they may cause weak spermatosis.
It was found that the testicles were different from the usual changes.
Such as swelling, hardening, uneven, pain, etc., should be treated promptly.

Avoid excessive noise

Studies show that men living in a noisy environment of 70 to 80 dB for a long time, and sexual functions tend to weaken and have a disruption in the noisy environment of more than 90 dB.
Masturbation can cause slow hyperemia of the prostate, causing sterile prostatitis, affect semen nutrients, quantity, viscosity, acidity and alkali induced infertility, so you should avoid masturbation.

Do not eat overly oily food, quit smoking and driking alcohol

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The germ cells in the testicles are affected by harmful components of tobacco, causing poor sperm quantity and quality, sterilization or deformations. Excessive alcohol abuse can lead to chronic alcoholism, poor sperm development or loss of mobility.

Current article: Increasing Sperm Vitality

Correcting the bad diet structure

To improve the low vitality of sperm, start with correcting your bad diet structure. Clinical studies have found that men who eat green vegetables in their diet will have much higher sperm vitality than ordinary men. Green vegetables contain vitamin C, vitamin E, zinc, selenium and other ingredients conducive to the growth of sperm, so, eating more can help improve the quality of sperm in men. Of course, some foods with nourishment can also enhance the body’s immunity and improve sperm ability.


The vitality of sperm is closely linked to daily life. People who often smoke and drink alcohol tend to have weak sperm vitality, and often sedentary people can also lead to low sperm vitality. Nicotine in tobacco affects sperm vitality through direct and indirect damage to sperm. Long-term alcoholics can directly and indirectly affect the motor ability of sperm. You should also ban spicy food from your diet, opt for some rough grains, seafood and fruits to reduce chances of spermatosis.

Prevent or lessen your frequency of wearing tight jeans, leggings, and don’t visit the sauna too often, try to avoid high temperatures and radiant working environment. Develop good personal hygiene habits, living rules, moderate physical exercise. Take vaccination against infectious diseases that endanger male fertility, such as mumps, sexually transmitted diseases, etc. Have a certain knowledge of sex, understand male physiological characteristics and health care. If you find that there are different changes in your testicles such as: swelling, hardening, uneven, pain, etc., be sure to promptly diagnose and treat the testicles., strengthen self-protection consciousness, such as frequent exposure to radioactive substances, high temperatures and poisons, must do good protection work.

Quit smoking and alcohol

Tobacco and alcohol will not only harm men’s physical health, but also cause certain effects on men’s sperm, so that the number and quality of sperm decreases, leading to male sperm losing its original vitality, which also causes males to become infertile, or malformed foetuses.

Pay attention to your diet

Many foods have additives, such additives also easily lead to male sperm affected, it is recommend men should opt for fresh foods instead of processed or canned food.

Reasonably arranged sex life

Long-term sex life will lead to male prostate has been kept hyperemia, thus induce male prostatitis, which will affect the quality of your sperm.

Maintaining the temperature – Increasing Sperm Vitality

Male sperm is very sensitive to temperature. Having an overly high or too low will affect the vitality of male sperm, so it is recommended that we do not go to the temperature too high or too low place, be sure to have a regular room temperature.

Working environment

Work environment is also very important, many men’s workplace is often in a state of radiation, which can easily lead to sperm getting killed by radiation, thus leading to sperm vulnerability with a decrease in number. Severe patients may also develop lethospermia.

Pre-marital examination

Manage your sex life to prevent low sperm count
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Undergo the pre-marital examination, pass the medical examination, early detection of early treatment is significant to the life of couples in order to cooperate with each other. Having mutual understanding, coordination, appropriate increase in the number of rooms before and after the ovulation period can increase the rate for conception.

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