Did you know that the liver is the hardest organ in the body after the heart? The liver performs the most dangerous work in the body, it is responsible for metabolizing blood bilirubin, ammonia and various other toxins. Regular use of detox meals for natural detoxification of the liver, so that the liver is as clean and healthy as possible, is the basic condition for a healthy life.

When should I detox?

The liver works around the clock, filters blood to remove harmful substances, creates biliary decomposition and emulsifying fat, balances hormones and helps to absorb vitamins and iron. The most important part of the liver is to distinguish the nutrients that should remain in the body and the toxins and metabolites that need to be excluded. When the liver is clogged by poison or overburdened, it will affect its metabolism, detoxification, secretion of enzymes and hormones, balance cholesterol, blood circulation, etc. Signs, including:

Abnormal abdominal protrusions
Hepatic pain and discomfort
Obesity enlarged in the upper abdomen, like wearing a swimming ring
Difficult to digest fatty foods, resulting in discomfort after eating
gallbladder removal
Gastroesophagus countercurrent or heartburn
Liver spots on the skin
Dry heat, abnormal sweating
Presence of acne pus, rash, spots, itchy skin
Unexplained fat.
If these symptoms occur, it is time for the liver to be detoxied or tested.

How to do detox the liver?

Unlike advertising luxury meals, liver detox meal is actually eating natural food, no added sugar, no reproductions. The following are four principles:

Do not drink alcohol

after drinking, the liver must consume almost all energy in order to metabolise alcohol in the blood. The liver is overburdened, resulting in the inability to effectively secrete bile, make enzymes, decompose lipids and metabolise other toxic substances substances that indirectly cause obesity, depression, fatigue or lethargy.

Drink more water

As long as the water source is clean, carbon and chlorine are removed, water that preserves natural minerals, it is the best cleaning product for the liver. In addition, citrus fruits such as lemon are rich in vitamin C and minerals. Add a little lemon juice to the purified water to make the body alkaline, wake up the body, improve liver metabolism and cleansing function.

Eat quality food

Try organic fresh fruits and vegetables containing magnesium, chlorophyll, vitamins A and C. This food provides the nutrients needed for liver metabolism and tissue reconstruction.

Rejection of bad fat

One of the important functions of the liver is the production of bile, which is used to break down fats in food. To reduce the burden on the liver, avoid the consumption of animal fats that cause arteries to obstruct, and vegetable oils that contain omega-6 polyunsaturated fatty acids such as corn or soybean oil, which raise myocardial infarction Vascular disease with the probability of stroke. Nuts, coconut oil, hemp seeds, flaxseed, chia seeds, pumpkin, sunflower oil and avocado are excellent sources of oil.

Once you are aware of these signs in your body, start the liver detoxification meal as soon as possible, stop high sugar, high fat, and other foods that increase the burden on the liver to restore liver health. Eat healthy, liver function well and live healthy.