Lack of Sex – Problems

Lack of Sex – 5 Difference Problems: Having sex is an innate instinct, but as the times progress, some of the wild in humans also disappear because of technology. There are many reasons why the number of sex lives is slowly decreasing. Some people may be tired, others may not be able to do so because of bad mood, and some people are in a stressful relationships that lead to total inability of sexual intercourse. If this happens, not only can it be harmful to feelings, but also worrisome about health, so this article will introduce five kinds of lack of sex on the body.

Current article: Lack of Sex – 5 Difference Problems

Decrease of Endorphins

The stimulation caused by caressing, and orgasm can trigger the secretion of Endorphins, which make people feel happy and feel good. Endorphins are like homemade morphine and are known to help relieve pain and boost mood. So stopping sex is like stopping exercise, because exercise is also a way to stimulate the secretion of Endorphins in the body. Once sex or exercise is stopped, the body will no longer or reduce the secretion of Endorphins. So if you want to experience the joy and satisfaction of the Endorphins again, you need to start sex again.

The pressure gradually gets bigger.

In a study targeting female university students, there is a correlation between the frequency of sex life in the months prior to the major exam and their stress index. Studies show that people with sexual poverty face greater stress. Although sex is not the only option to reduce stress, the correlation between sex and stress is still noteworthy. Moreover, if there is a vicious circle between stress and sex, the greater the stress, the more rejection of sex, the lack of sex puts you at a higher stress index.

Decrease in satisfaction of relationships between couples

Sex is an integral part of a romantic relationship, like an invisible adhesive that binds your partner together. As partners become increasingly cold in their sexual life, satisfaction with each other’s intimacy gradually decreases. The key is oxytocin (Oxytocin, also known as prolactin) secretes during orgasm. Some people call the “hormone of love.” It helps partners build a sense of intimacy and trust and look at each other in a positive way.

Negative judgment and loss of self-esteem

It is worth noting that loss of sexuality can affect the way you look at yourself. Absence of sex does not affect your physical condition or directly cause health problems or illness, but may cause you to doubt your attractiveness and reduce your self-confidence. This can cause anxiety and affect your relationships.

Precautions of erectile dysfunction

For men, loss of libido can be a precursor to erectile dysfunction, etc., sexual disorder or disease. Studies have found that men who have sex at least once a week have a chance of erectile dysfunction being half the rate of men who have sex with low frequency. Erectile dysfunction causes men to face serious problems in relationships. This causes men to have sex less frequently and avoid relationships.

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