Cancer may put life into trouble. Cancer treatment can also have negative side effects, leading to the patient’s depressions. Patients are likely to ignore the intimate relationship with their partner and let each other gradually. Cooling, however, there is still a way to follow if you still want to maintain an intimate relationship. In this article, Colorectal Cancer as an example, we hope to help more friends out of the trouble.

Cancer affects the body and mind, what should I do?

Colorectal cancer causes physical and mental changes. These changes are usually temporary, but may last for months, sometimes for years, including scars, changes in skin, weight changes, fatigue, etc. Nausea, vomiting and, in addition, the patient’s emotional instability is often accompanied by sentiment, anger and anxiety. Some patients may feel melancholy due to changes in their body and are not satisfied with their body, which reduces the desire of the patient and the other half close. Sometimes the feeling that naked is seen by the other half can make the patient uncomfortable and even stressful. If you have just finished surgery, please discuss with your doctor when it is safe to have an intimate relationship with your partner, as this may be related to recovery. It is normal to experience these feelings. Don’t be frustrated. Try the following ways to improve your relationship with your partner.

Don’t worry about communicating with the other half

the other half may know the fact that the patient has colorectal cancer, but he can’t understand what the patient actually feels. Therefore, patients need to tell their partner about their real situation, for example, because they usually feel tired and want to vomit, or even lack of sexual desire. If you are not confident about your appearance, please let us know. At this point, the patient will understand that the partner’s true love is not the most important part of his appearance, hair, or scars after surgery. Of course, your partner will never know what you’re thinking unless the patient proactively tells you what you feel.
The patient may think that the other half has changed, but his love is still, even if he is a little different, he may just want to give the patient some room, and Or he doesn’t know how to face the situation. Therefore, thinking about each other, the two sides are considerate to each other, sometimes speaking directly, can solve the problem more than thinking about it.

Get more confident

you should be proud of yourself, because you take the full course of treatment. You may not feel confident and unattractive, but your partner doesn’t think so. Sometimes choosing a particular garment allows you to be more confident and absorb more positive energy. You’re just going through cancer therapy and your body will be tired and may look different from you before, but be sure to embrace these changes. Because you’ve overcome cancer, it’ll make you even more shiny. Your other half will find you more charming than ever.

Regulating fatigue

After the cancer treatment, side effects can make you feel tired or even exhausted, reducing your physical strength and ultimately affecting your relationship with your partner. You should improve fatigue by changing your lifestyle. Please take advantage of your vibrant moment, as these moments may come and walk. You should also plan for the house, try to save your physical strength and don’t let yourself overdo it.