Liver plays an important role in maintaining and maintaining good health. It converts essential nutrients in food into ingredients that allow the body to absorb and grow. The horrific thing is that Liver cancer is becoming more common now, but if detected and treated early, the cure is about 80% successful.

One way to help patients treat hepatocellular cancer at home is through the use of Supplement food. Although it is not possible to cure liver cancer completely, it can help restore, improve your health, and prevent other diseases. Here are some nutritional supplements that will help patients with liver cancer, as well as tips to treat liver cancer.

Fresh fruits and vegetables vitamins and fiber more

These foods are rich in vitamins and minerals that the body needs to strengthen the immune system. In addition, fresh fruits and vegetables contain antioxidants that are effective against Cardiovascular disease, Stroke, and Prevention of cancer. Green vegetables are a rich source of fiber and reduce the chance of constipation.

Fruits that are useful in fighting liver cancer are strawberries, citrus, red bell pepper. Patients with liver cancer are also advised to consume the following vegetables: pumpkin, carrots, cabbage, broccoli.

Wholegrain grain is a source of energy

Bread, rice, noodles and other cereals are important sources of carbohydrates. They provide glucose to the body and are the energy source of cells. Wholegrain cereals recommended for liver cancer patients include brown rice, wheat, oats, corn, sesame, etc.

Low-fat foods that help digestion

Some low-fat foods are useful for liver cancer patients, such as nuts, olive oil and rapeseed oil. Low-fat foods help digestion, eating can also keep the liver and kidneys under heavy workload.

White meat is more effective in fighting cancer than red meat

Many studies around the world have shown that eating white meat is more effective in fighting liver cancer than eating red meat. White meat includes poultry meat such as chicken, duck, goose, etc., which should be thoroughly cooked to reduce the likelihood of infection. In addition, it is easier to digest by steaming, and also remember to limit the intake of grease.

Milk and yogurt

Drink milk and eat yogurt can reduce the chance of liver cancer, and if you already have liver cancer, you can improve your body’s recovery.

Drink black tea green tea anti-cancer cell metastasis

Green and black tea are the main sources of polyphenol, an antioxidant that helps prevent cancer cell division and metastasis. Cancer Cure Fund notes that 40% of tea is polyphenols that help the body strengthen its self-protection function and prevent lung cancer ( Lung cancer, Rectal cancer, Colon cancer, Stomach cancer occur with liver cancer. It is worth noting that green tea is more effective than black tea, and these two types of tea are more effective than tea made with medicinal plants.

Food not suitable for liver cancer patients

Deep-fried with high fat
Food with high salt
Red meat, canned food, pre-prepared processed food
animal organs, because they contain a lot of fat and cholesterol.
Alcohol and carbonated drinks make the liver work harder and ultimately cause more problems to the liver.
In addition to a balanced and healthy diet, patients with liver cancer should have adequate rest and exercise a regular and moderate exercise to maintain their ideal weight and maintain their good health. In addition, hepatocellular cancer patients should try to relax their hearts and minds, keep an optimistic and cheerful attitude to meet every day, otherwise bad psychological condition will worsen the condition.