Parents Who Gave Birth in their Twenties  – Physiological speaking, the age of twenties is the golden age of childbearing for parents, specifically for women, but having children at any age has its advantages and disadvantages. This article explores the difficulties that may be encountered in choosing young parents gave birth at an earlier age.

Career Susceptible

Maintaining competitiveness in the workplace is not easy. If you have a child at the beginning of your career while your peers are still working hard, you still need to return to the workplace after giving birth. Moreover, you have to maintain the same level of competitiveness, which will be more likely difficult.

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Relatively High Financial Pressure

Giving birth and raising children can be quite expensive, and it is not only a one-time payment. It is a continuous expenditure, as the child grows up, the costs will be more and more. Even if you return to work smoothly after giving birth, people with children will save less money than peers without children.

Young people’s marital status is less stable

Leah Seidler, a psychologist who specializes in interpersonal relationships, says the birth of a child often poses problems for young couples. This is because young people have less experience in life and may not realize that a child is born before giving birth. Young couples may not be able to bear the psychological and physical burden of their children because they are not ready to be parents, and do not have enough wisdom and patience to bring their children, or sacrifice their will to live.

The ideal situation with a child is that couples can support each other and deepen their understanding and emotional connection through the parenting process. However, the fact is that children often make young mothers feel stressful, depressed and breathless, while young fathers often feel less involved in parent-child relationships. In some cases, couples may even move away because of having a child, ultimately jeopardizing the marital relationship.

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