If you also like pets, chances are you may have 1 or 2 pets at home, but if you have children at home, please be careful because some children may accidentally swallow pet medications. If this happens, you must send your children to the emergency room to avoid worsening the situation.

Relationship between Pet Medicine and Children
Potential Risks of Pet Medications to Children at Home
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Pet medication, like its name, is a drug for pets, and is dangerous for children if they accidentally eat it. However, children might get poisoning if they accidentally swallo pet medication. Children at home are curious to eat everything they see and may be unwilling spit out the things out; or because they don’t pay attention, they may eat food containing pet medicines. In addition, more and more children have to be sent to emergency care due to accidental consumption of pet medicine, so please pay special attention to parents with children at home.

If your pet has a a cream medication or ointment applied to it, the child can also be poisoned when touching the pet with his hand, as the medicine will enter the mouth through their hands.In addition, sometimes pet medication is mixed with people’s medication, and children may accidentally take the wrong medicine.

Advice to Parents with Young Children and Pets at Home

To help parents protect their beloved babies, here are 5 ways to protect their children from poisoning by accidentally eating their pets.

Using Medicine Correctly
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Please put your pet medicine, other medications, medicinal ointments and cream, etc. in a locked medicine box. Please mark the name of the medicine on the outside of the medicine box to others know what medicines are in the medicine box, and it to a place that a child cannot reach.
Please keep your pet medicine separated from your human medicine. Sometimes, it is possible to mistakenly swap it with you or your child’s medicine.

If your child is in contact with, or accidentally swallowed pet medications, bring your child to a doctor immediately. Please make sure you have a telephone number for your doctor or hospital emergency room at any time.
If your pet does not need to take any further medication, please do not leave excess medicine.This is the best way to avoid mixing up the drugs.

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