Pregnant while Breastfeeding – The arrival of lactation is usually accompanied by menstruation, which is the absence of menstruation or irregular menstruation. Therefore, it is not easy to get pregnant when breastfeeding.

Tips for increasing your chances of conception during lactation

When your baby is older, you can start replacing mother’s milk with solid food. When your body finds that you don’t need to continue breastfeeding, prolactin secretion decreases and fertility increases. Stress should be reduced during lactation to reduce the adverse effects of stress on your ovulation cycle.
Try at intervals of more than 6 hours before taking the next breastfeeding session to give the mother adequate rest.
Try to convince yourself that your body is not breastfeeding, and occasionally replace it with infant milk.

Eating more good food can increase fertility. Nutritious foods can raise insulin levels in the body and stimulate ovarian steroids secretion, raising estrogen levels. Increased estrogen stimulates the mast cells, allowing more insulin to return to normal condition, achieving a balanced system in the body. This process quickly slows down the lactation process and improves ovulation.

Is your body ready for pregnancy?

Prenatal vitamins provide maternal nutrition for pregnancy, allowing it to breast-feeding and maintain normal body functions. Your body needs Folic acid, 800ng/day or 0.8mg/day to prevent fetal neural tube defects.
Hydrating is also an important job of maintaining health. Pregnant women who are still breastfeeding need at least 2-3 litres of water to breathe, and 3-4 litres of water to provide a beneficial environment for the fetus.
Pregnant women during breastfeeding should maintain a healthy lifestyle, such as a healthy and balanced diet, proper amount of exercise and a relaxed and pleasant mood to ensure a comfortable pregnancy.
Having annual breast examination and cervical smear examination allow you to regularly update your health status and make sure you are not at risk of Breast Cancer before pregnancy.

Natural herbaceous plants such as Vitex, Shatavari, Milk thistle seed, Raspberry leaf and milky oats have many benefits for pregnancy preparation. Before trying, however, remember to discuss with your doctor whether it is safe to use the herb during lactation as some herbs may increase or decrease the amount of lactation.

Is breastfeeding safe during pregnancy?

Many women are concerned that breastfeeding during pregnancy can lead to slight contraction of the uterus. In fact, in general, contractions are not a problem, because it does not lead to premature birth. The reason is that the amount of oxytocin (the hormone secreted during lactation) that causes contractions is very low, and not sufficient to cause premature birth. It is also  harmless to the fetus and rarely increases the chance of miscarriage. In addition, small amounts of hormones entering mother’s milk do not cause any harm to the health of the baby. Although breastfeeding is safe during pregnancy, note that the following may lead to a decrease in the amount of lactation:

  • High risk pregnancy or risk of premature birth
  • Pregnant women with twins
  • Recommended not to have sex during pregnancy
  • Vaginal bleeding or uterine pain

    If you have these symptoms, consult your doctor to find out what’s best for you and your baby.

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