You probably have heard of dimentia, or have seen related stories on TV or film. Some people feel that being forgetful, less focused, or less able to communicate, are simply a normal phenomenon of aging, so that they delay medical treatment and early detection for Dimentia. Therefore, prevention of dementia is a very important topic, if you can keep up with a good maintenance, you will attain not only a good physical and mental health, but also allow yourself to be free from dementia. Read further to know more about it’s signs, symptoms and treatments.

Understanding Dementia

Dementia is a symptom that causes a person’s thinking, judgment, communication, attention, etc. to become disordered after a severe deterioration in memory and other thinking abilities. If the following cognitive function and manifestations have at least two significant impairments, you should pay attention to whether it is a sign of dementia:

  • Memory
  • Communication and language skills
  • Focus
  • Ability to understand and judge

Causes of Dementia

The main cause of dementia is that the cells in the brain are traumatized, causing cells that control various behaviors (memory, communication, judgment, etc.) to lose control and not connect properly.Thoughts, behaviors and emotions are then affected.

In addition, degenerative neuropathy, cardiovascular diseases (affecting cerebral blood circulation), trauma (falls, concussions, etc.), central nervous system infections (e.g. meningitis Meningitis), long-term Alcohol abuse, drug abuse, Brain edema, etc., can cause dementia. Genetic heredity is also part of the reason.

Determine Symptoms of Dementia

Early symptoms of dementia include:

Parkinson's Disease - Causes, Symptoms and Treatments dimentia
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  • Memory Decay
  • Decrease of attention
  • Conscious confusion
  • Change in personality or behaviour
  • Indifference, isolation or melancholy

Note: It is a serious warning and is most likely dementia if :

  • If you often forget things
  • Emotional changes are large and undulating, and there is no reason.
  • No longer interested in what you liked before.
  • Unable to think of simple words, say something that is completely difficult to understand, or inability to comprehend what others are saying.
  • Can’t remember the location of some places, or don’t know where you are, or think you’re living in the past.
  • Not understanding of abstract things, such as notions of numbers.
  • Poor judgment, such as when you don’t know how to wear cold weather, or if the concept of space is disorded, you can’t figure out the distance or direction.

How to Prevent Dementia?

To prevent dementia, you can start with the following:

  • Regular movement
    Exercise helps in cardiovascular operation and circulation. It is also good for the brain, allowing blood and oxygen to flow into the brain. Remember not to sit for too long.Try 150 minutes of gentle aerobics every week, such as walking, cycling, or 75 minutes of intense jogging and swimming. In addition, you can do some exercises to strengthen your muscles, such as standing up and sit-ups.
  • Diet with less salt and sugar
    Good diet control can also help prevent dementia.Eat enough vegetables and fruits every day, and eat protein-rich foods such as fish, eggs, meat, beans, beans, and so on at least twice a week.Less intake of sugary, salt, saturated fats such as foods, eat some natural starch such as potatoes, drink 6-8 cups of water a day, choose low-fat milk or sugar-free drinks.Also try the Mediterranean diet, its main diet is to eat red meat, eat more grains, vegetables and fruits.Fish and poultry meat is eaten at least twice a week, mainly with argan, olive or other healthy oils.In addition, please smoke and drink less.

Participate in mental strengthening activities

Keeping your mind active helps strengthen the brain’s ability to fight disease.You can do some mental strengthening activities such as classes, learning languages, playing puzzles, card games, board games, reading, writing, dancing, etc., or engaging in social activities such as community college gardening, cooking,Learn lessons such as musical instruments, volunteer, connect with family and friends, go out, eat, etc.

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