Heart disease attacks in women are not always similar to those in men, such as chest pain that spread to the unilateral arm. The above symptoms may occur in women, but sometimes the symptoms are very mild and may even be ignored.

Causes of heart attack

Ather-like plaques accumulate in the coronary arteries, preventing blood flow to the heart, leading to a heart attack. People with severe tobacco addicts, high levels of stress and obesity have a high risk of heart disease. Heart disease is the main cause of death in women, so the importance of careful evaluation of the heart is immeasurable. Not only women, but men should be fully aware of the signs and symptoms of heart disease, make regular appointments, and have an understanding of family disease history.

Symptoms of a heart attack

Chest pain or discomfort

this is the most common symptom of a heart attack. However, chest pain or discomfort may occur in women and may be different from that of men. In women, this symptom can lead to a sense of swelling or pressure, while the pain is not only on the left side, but also anywhere in the chest. In general, this symptom can be quite uncomfortable. Some cardiologists say that women may be more prone to other symptoms such as nausea and shortness of breath.

shortness of breath, nausea, dizziness: If you have difficulty breathing without any obvious cause, this can be a heart attack, especially with one or more symptoms. You’ll feel like you’re just running a marathon, but in fact, you’re barely moving.


Women with heart attacks may feel overwhelmed by strong fatigue, even if they are not active regularly. Some patients reported that they often felt chest discomfort and were unable to perform simple activities.


This symptom is different from the sweat you produce during exercise or exposure to high temperatures, more like stress-related sweating.

Pain in the arms, back, neck, chin or stomach

women are more likely to present these symptoms than men. Pain occurs not only in the chest and left arm, but also in the chin or back, which is very confusing. Pain sensations can gradually, or suddenly erupt, and reach the highest and lowest points before they eventually intensify. If you are sleeping, such pain may cause you to wake up from your sleep. Cardiologists recommend that any part of the body above the waist should be immediately informed of inexplicable symptoms. Stomach pain is often mistaken as a result of Stomach ulcer, Heartburn, or flu, rather than a warning for a heart attack. Cardiologists report that occasionally women experience strong abdominal pressure as if they had huge animals sitting on their belly.
Methods of preventing heart disease

Take care of yourself. You can prevent heart disease by

Quitting smoking without smoking for a year can be equated with reducing the risk of Coronary heart disease.
Walk for half an hour every day to reduce the risk of Stroke and heart attack.
Make sure to add healthy foods such as more lean meat and vegetables in your diet.