Parents are often slightly less experienced in parenting and often worry about their child’s health, such as their digestive system, sleep, nutrition intake, and common childhood diseases. So how to keep your child in the best physical condition? It is very important to have a healthy digestive system at this time, so this is a matter of great concern for novice parents, let the following 5 tips help you, so that your child can stay well and have healthy digestive system!

Give your child Multi-refill Fibers

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Grains, vegetables and fruits contain a lot of digestive fiber, so nutrition experts believe that children aged 1 to 3 years should consume at least 19 grams of fiber a day. Therefore, parents should prepare more wholemeal bread, apples, avocado, raspberries and other foods for your child to eat healthily and without worries.

Ensure your child gets enough exercise

Exercise is good for both adults and children, and your digestive system will improve significantly as you develop regular exercise habits with your child. Keep your exercise as easy, fun and stable as possible, which stimulates the movement of food in the digestive tract and helps digestion. However, when your child is busy playing, they may often ignore the feeling of going to the toilet, causing constipation or other digestive problems, so you should encourage your child to go to the toilet for regular periods to avoid other digestive problem.

More moisture replenishment

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In addition to high-fibre foods, there is another important thing that parents should pay attention to: hydration. Especially if your child sweats easily, so when you are outdoors, it is easier to lose moisture due to sweat, hence staying hydrated is a great way to develop a healthy digestive system. However, many children prefer sugary drinks than drinking plain water. In order to prevent your child from getting too much sugar, it is recommended that you add lemon, berries and other fresh fruits in the water. By doing so, your child can drink a healthy beverage while replenishing moisture.

Small and Multi Meal Diet Method

Giving your child smaller portion of meals is another way to help children improve their digestive system.With small portions, infants and young children are less likely to feel uncomfortable with bloating. Parents have t keep in mind that you don’t need increase your child’s weight or force them to gain weight.

Develop many good eating habits

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Please observe your child’s eating habits to make sure they don’t eat too quickly or too much. Overeating may not only cause obesity in children, it is easier for them to digest and cause physical discomfort.Also ask parents not to force the child to eat food that they cannot eat, otherwise the child’s digestive system will not function properly, more likely to cause the child to experience psychological stress on the matter of eating.

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