When it comes to sudden cardiological death, many people equate it with myocardial infarction or heart disease, but In fact, they have no small differences.

Sudden cardiac death is mainly caused by ventricular discharge abnormalities. If you think of the heart as a machine that requires electricity to beat, the heart will regularly maintain a stable beating rate under normal discharge conditions, but when Abnormal discharge may cause cardiac arrhythmia and Ventricular fibrillation or Ventricular tachycardia

In both cases, the beating of the heart may become irregular, or become very fast, so that the blood cannot keep circulating, and at the same time, the body may become coma due to lack of oxygen in the organs. At this point, the heart has lost its ability to beat, and death may come within minutes without immediate treatment.

Sudden cardiac death has no sign

The heart attack we usually talk about is mainly about symptoms caused by myocardial infarction. When the arteries become obstructed, the nutrients and oxygen delivered by the blood cannot reach the heart smoothly, such as the immediate treatment, the lethal rate is quite high.

Simply put, sudden cardiac death and myocardial infarction are heart problems, and mortality rates are high, but sudden cardiac death is no sign, sudden heart problems occur, and in the process, the heart can not To perform normal beats; myocardial infarction requires a certain degree of obstruction in the arteries to cause symptoms. In the event of myocardial infarction, the heart continues to beat.

4 risk factors for sudden cardiac death

Although sudden cardiac death is explained separately from myocardial infarction, the two also affect each other. The following are four risk factors that are likely to cause sudden cardiac death.

Have a heart attack

Up to 75% of patients with sudden cardiological death experience, especially within 6 months after a heart attack, is a good onset of sudden cardiological death.

Coronary artery disease

Coronary artery disease also contains myocardial infarction, not only a cause of heart disease, but also increases cardiogenic The probability of sudden death. By the way, smoking, home-hereditary cardiovascular diseases and high cholesterol are all possible causes of coronary artery disease.

Cardiac hypertrophy

Heart hypertrophy may cause abnormal heart rate and damage to the myocardial muscle.

Congenital Heart Disease

Congenital Heart Disease: For young people under the age of 35 who have suffered sudden cardiological death, congenital heart disease is the The main cause is a high incidence due to a natural heart defect.

Sudden cardiac death immediately call the ambulance

If it happens to you, if you are still conscious, of course, call the ambulance immediately for help, if you have fainted, you can only rely on someone else. If you see a family, friend or passers-by suddenly fainted and find no heartbeat after measuring the pulse, it is likely that it is a symptom of sudden cardiovascular death, please call immediately to the ambulance unit and use CPR or Automated External Defibrillator to help patients recover their heartbeat. If you have someone else around you, you can call 119 to help them immediately. to increase your chances of successful rescue.

4 ways to avoid sudden cardiac death

Heart disease is among the most worrying diseases in general. Because the mortality rate is high if the disease is not immediately rescued, it is the most important issue to avoid it. In the case of Gao, doctors speculation that the cause of his sudden death may come from a full work schedule, causing abnormal work and overwork. How to avoid sudden cardiac death, please refer to the following 4 methods:

Regularly resting

why many people prefer to live nine nights and five, except health is one of the main reasons, of course, sometimes busy work may inevitably, but please do as much as possible, do not allow yourself to be in the long term In environments with high stress and high working hours, this significantly reduces the chance of sudden cardiac death.
Quit smoking: smoking can cause coronary artery disease, which can also cause sudden cardiac death if the chance of occlusion is increased.

Maintain a good body

Obesity increases the chance of a heart attack, keeping body weight at a normal level, can reduce the threat of heart disease to itself. To do so, start with alcohol and junk food, which provide considerable calories.


Whether aerobic exercise or weight training, exercise can reduce blood pressure and improve good cholesterol. Good cholesterol can prevent arterial plaques accumulate, reducing the risk of developing cardiovascular diseases.