There are three main types of Diabetes: Type 1, Type 2 and Gestational diabetes. A person who does not know that he has diabetes has many factors that increase the risk of diabetes. To identify your risk, note all applicable items in the list below.

4 Risk Factors for Type 1 Diabetes

Although the exact cause of type 1 diabetes has not been deduced in the study, the factors that may increase the risk include the following four points:

Family history. If your father, mother, or siblings have type 1 diabetes, your risk of developing diabetes also increases.
Environmental factors.
There are destructive immune system cells, which we call autoimmune diseases, and of course not all people with autoimmune diseases have diabetes.
Certain countries, such as Finland and Sweden, have high rates of type 1 diabetes.

9 Risk Factors for Type 2 Diabetes

Obviously, some factors increase the risk of diabetes, including the following 9 points:

Excessive weight.
The less you exercise, the greater the risk. Exercise is a good choice for weight control, it absorbs glucose into energy, and can make your cells more insulin sensitive, reducing type 2 diabetes caused by increased insulin ineffectiveness.
Family history. If your father, mother or siblings have type 2 diabetes, your risk of developing diabetes also increases.
People of certain races, including Spaniards, American Indians and Asian Americans, are at higher risk in different types of diabetes, although the real reason is not clear.
As you age, the more likely you increase the risk. In addition, the incidence of type 2 diabetes among children, adolescents and young adults has increased dramatically.
Diabetes in pregnancy. If you have gestational diabetes during pregnancy, your risk of developing early diabetes and type 2 diabetes may also increase.
Polycystic ovarian syndrome in women.
High blood pressure. If the blood pressure is 140/90 mmHg or higher, the risk of developing type 2 diabetes is higher.
Abnormal concomitant cholesterol and triglyceride.

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4 Risk Factors for Gestational Diabetes

Any pregnant woman may have gestational diabetes, but some women are more at risk than others. Risk factors for diabetes during pregnancy may include:

Women over 25 years of age are at higher risk of types of diabetes.

Excessive weight before pregnancy can be a risk to you.
family or personal history. If your father, mother or siblings have type 2 diabetes, your risk will also increase. You are also at greater risk if you already have gestational diabetes in the early stages of pregnancy, or if you give birth to an overweight baby.
Black, Spanish, American Indian or Asian women are more likely to develop pregnancy diabetes, although the reason is not clear.

Whatever your risk is, there are many things you can do to delay or prevent different types of diabetes, including managing your blood pressure, keeping your weight in a healthy range, doing most 30 minutes of exercise, eating a balanced diet, and more. If you have any of the above, consult a physician to understand your risk of diabetes and whether you should undergo a test.

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