Newborn baby, toddlers and chidren can get dry to very dry skin for many reasons. Although it is not life-threatening, it will feel uncomfortable and may become inflamed if left treated.

Causes of Dry Skin in Infants, Toddlers, and Children

Very Dry Skin on Baby - Causes, Treatments and Home Remedies
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Many babies are born with dry skin, especially in infants over 40 weeks. This is a normal phenomenon that should disappear in the short term. In addition to the child’s own skin problems, having bathing too often or using too much soap can cause dry skin. When you bathe your child with soap, the soap removes the skin’s natural oils and moisturizing power, making your child’s skin much more drier. Another cause of dry skin is the weather. Too hot, too cold, and too humid, can all dry your baby’s skin. Other causes are genetic diseases, such as Eczema or rare diseases such as Ichthyosis, which can cause dry skin in children.

When Should I Consult the Doctor for Baby’s Very Dry Skin?

If your baby has the following symptoms, please visit a dermatologist:

  • Even after using ointment or medication, the skin remains unhealed and inflamed.
  • The affected area begins to increase in redness and itchiness.
  • There is irritation and pain in the affected area.
  • Pay careful attention to these symptoms, as this means that the skin may be infected.

Treatment for Baby’s Dry / Very Dry Skin

Control the water temperature and let your baby bathe as soon as possible. The water temperature should be warm and comfortable, not too hot or too cold. In the winter, the humidity lower, hence children do not need to take a bath every day, or after bathing, remember to apply a gentle moisturizer to improve dry skin. To find the right moisturizer for your baby, be sure to try different brands first. Before purchasing any product, please read the ingredients on the product carefully to ensure it does not harm baby’s delicate skin..

Although dry skin will be better after the above maintenance, it may recur again.Try to find out what causes this symptom and how often it occurs every year, which can help you prevent it effectively. Chlorine and salt water can also dry the skin, so be sure to rinse your child with clean water. Whether at the beach or in the pool, after swimming, don’t forget to apply a moisturizer.

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