Cervical cancer, like any cancer, the body often needs to suffer a lot of pain and discomfort during illness and treatment. Here are nine home remedies. Try it. Maybe you can temporarily improve and soothe the the feeling of discomfort and make your daily life better.

Acupuncture stimulates the body

For some people, acupuncture releases soothing substances that can help relieve muscle and bone pain caused by cervical cancer, and even muscle spasms.

Drink ginger tea or chew ginger slices

Ginger tea is a natural formula that effectively relieves pain, not only has no side effects, but also improves the condition of the disease. In addition to brewing ginger tea, you can also chew ginger slices for a soothing effect.

Look at the funny stuff.

Cervical cancer hurts not only uncomfortable, but also reminds you of being sick. Try watching comedy, funny videos or chatting with family and friends, laughing can soothe mood and reduce anxiety and tension.

exercise and healthy eating

Exercise can strengthen immunity and may slow the pain and fatigue of cervical cancer and its treatment. In addition, eating more fresh fruits and vegetables can also enhance immunity and improve the body’s ability to repair.

Take some painkillers

If you wish to use painkillers, remember to follow your doctor’s instructions and instructions for using the product. Do not overdose, or use painkillers randomly. You can take painkillers 30 minutes before exercise to avoid the pain caused by exercise.

Not afraid of spicy can try chili water

If you are not afraid of spicy, you can try 0.5 grams of Indian pepper, which is a very spicy pepper. Studies believe that taking this pepper 3 to 4 times a day can alleviate 80% of the cause of cervical cancer in women. Pain.

Vitamin B2 inhibits cancer cells

Vitamin B2 is a water-soluble vitamin that prevents the development of cervical cancer cells, repairs damaged cervical tissues, and reduces inflammation of the cervical and reproductive system. If cervical cancer is caused by human papytovirus (HPV), vitamin B2 also helps eliminate the virus that is present in the body. Good sources of vitamin B2 are animal liver, mushrooms, eggs, almonds, milk and sardines.


Meditation can help relieve discomfort without relying on drugs. Different meditation techniques have different effects and help to improve various physical and mental problems. While meditation, try to gather the energy of the index and middle fingertips in the center of the body. Doing so promotes and rebuilds a good flow of energy to help eliminate pain.

Eat turmeric to slow inflammation reflected

Turmeric improves the immune system, slows the inflammatory response of the reproductive system, helps the body eliminate HPV, limits cancer cell lesions and spread, and reduces cervical cancer symptoms such as severe bleeding and Pain in the pelvis.